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Newly-Updated-2013I can’t even explain how often a frantic writer will reach out on the freelance writing forums,pleading for overflow assignments,with such catastrophes as “My power will be shut off tomorrow” or “If I wait until payday I will have a $50 fee” or “I need enough in my paypal to put gas in the car.”


Let’s face it,sometimes you need cash NOW.


I can’t help right this instant (unless you can go release mooney from your SocialSpark,SponsoredTweet or PayPerPost accounts. If you release under $50 from SocialSpark or PayPerPost,there is a $2 penalty but it’s sometimes worth it when you need instant cash.)


OK,if none of the above solves your dilemma,then read onward to learn about how you can have today’s income deposited before you wake up in the morning.

For more details,check out my free report “Work  Today –Paid TODAY” It’s an Adobe .pdf file,hopefully I don’t need to explain how to access those,right?


Your niche might be helping local businesses

For a lot of small businesses,setting up a Google+ page is really difficult,really boring and really probably not on their top ten list of things they should be doing online. But don’t worry,that’s where you come in.  As a private contractor,you can provide a service for local businesses to help them get their pages up and running. Package it in with your facebook business page services and combine it with the management of their google maps page for local-mobile marketing.

Small business owners WANT your knowledge of the way the internet works.  They want to harness the power of social networking but they don’t have the time or energy to devote to learning how it works.  You,you web-savvy businesswoman…you know how this works and you can make a living by helping business owners thrive in this marketplace.

Back to life,back to reality….

I;m coming back to web writing


Remember that song?  It’s been stuck in my head ever since I made the decision to come back to internet writing professionally.  I started this site in 2008 and at that time,I was supporting my family of 8 with the revenue I made from write-for-cash sites,revenue sharing sites,content mills and through affiliate marketing and paid posts on my own niche blogs and through social media.  It was rough.  At the time,I had 6 kids age newborn to 13 and we were homeschooling.  I was working 7 days a week and most days I refused to stop until I’d reached my daily goal,which sometimes took over 12 hours,especially because diaper changes,feeding children,household chores and parenting would “interrupt”my work day.  My biggest obstacle at that time was lack of help with the children.  We had just closed down our family business and my (now ex) husband was dealing with a crushed ego,fallout from the shutdown of the business and the stress of life.  I was doing the only thing I could to keep us from starving to death and becoming homeless.

It was the beginning of the hardest time in my life and writing online was the only power I had. It served us well until 2011 when we embarked on an extended road trip and I found myself living in a land where internet access was a rare and special treat.

Flash forward now to 2013 and I’m a single mom with kids ranging in age from 5 to (gulp) 19.75 years old.  I’ve been itching to get back into the world of writing and not so sure about the idea of working outside the home again.  My kids spent some time in public school,I spent some time getting certified in every Microsoft application and teaching pre-school and now we’re in a position where I can bring them home again for some real learning and exploring.  From September to December we’ll be participating in way too many classes at the Village School in Portland and spending 3 days a week in Oregon and the rest of the week at our home in Washington State.  I’m in the process of re-activating my license to do hair and eventually I’d like to specialize in weddings. But the licensing won’t be finished until later in the year and I simply MUST get this avalanche of words and ideas out of my head.

So.  I’m writing again.

I plan to specialize in topics related to small business,beauty (mainly hair),unschooling/homeschooling and home &garden.  One of my favorite things about this business is that someone with a thousand interests and a busy life will ALWAYS have something to write about.  Helping other women become empowered to create their own income and opportunities was always very important to me and now that my life situation has changed,I’m even more fired up to help other moms NOT feel trapped and powerless in their lives,whether it’s financially or personally.

I noticed that this website is a mess. It’s full of dead links and reviews of writing sites that are no longer active.  My current proposed schedule involves about an hour a day of combing through my niche blogs (like this one) and updating the information that has helped so many other people get started in this business.  At first I was intimidated by re-reading through all of the requirements and guidelines for sites like Demand Studios and all of the IZEA companies.  But now,I’m excited,more excited than ever.  It’s clear to me now that breaking into this business will be a hundred times easier the second time around.

So what have YOU been up to for the past 2-3 years?  Also,do YOU have any resources I should be checking into?  Can you think of any amazing companies that I have missed out on during my absence?  More importantly,what’s their pay schedule? (says the mom of six).  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

Working from home and making money

Important WordPress Plugins for Paid Blogging

I’ve been having a lot of fun making easy money with Blogsvertise,a paid blogging site. It’s easy to register,then add all of your URLS into their system,so advertisers can make you offers. Sometimes they want links,sometimes they want to post poorly written “guest blog”entries. Honestly,I don’t care what they want me to post,as long as it isn’t obscene or offensive. I have a few awesome plugins I use to keep the paid blogging situation under control…

Kontera WordPress Plugin

I have Kontera’s text-link ad system running on several of my sites. I also have Infolinks running on a few. The Kontera WordPress plugin allows me to disable the intext ads for all my sponsored posts. The terms of agreement with the post-sponsoring companies are that the post must stay on your site for 30 days,sometimes 90 days,depending which agency you’re using. Sometimes I delete the posts after they have matured,other times I don’t. I have no rhyme or reason,but I guess I should. Either way,using this plugin,I can specify that newer posts under x days old have no Kontera ads (thereby ensuring readers aren’t ambushed with ads on the latest articles and my paid post isn’t rejected due to the placement of additional ads) I chose to disable all ads in the sponsored category. I should have a more official policy on deleting paid posts,but I don’t. I’m not that organized. When I add new ones I tend to peek for mature sponsored posts to delete. I guess that’s a system,right?

Advanced category Excluder
This allows me to keep the sponsored posts off of my RSS feed. As a matter of fact,I’m also using it to keep this very post available ONLY through RSS and direct link. I wouldn’t want paid advertisers to come here &see that they’ve been swindled. It isn’t exactly swindling- they’re advertising here so they can get a dofollow link from a PR3 site. And they’re getting one. Search engines still crawl the page that has their post. But I definitely don’t want my regular readers to think that I’d let such a lame guest-post exist,or that I really think sports equipment is a big deal.

So this plugin allows you to exclude certain categories from- RSS feed,home page navigation,archiving,search engine indexing,widgets and site search. It also has some functions for links,but I haven’t explored that. the setup is easy- categories don’t show up unless there’s a post in them. So I had to go to an older post and add the ‘sponsored”category to the post,then go back into the plugin setup to exclude the category,then when I added my sponsored post,it was excluded right away. Then,I went back to the older post and removed the sponsored designation.

In order to make this post only visible to my subscribers,I have excluded its category from the homepage and made sure it was visible to RSS subscribers.

So which wordpress plugins do you find most beneficial for paid blogging? Don’t tell me you’re not getting paid to blog? that’s one of the coolest things about niche blogging,once your site reaches a decent PR,you can get paid to post things sometimes. Visit this company to get started. They send you emails every time you have a new task. You can take the task or reject it,you can also ask for more money and set a minimum. I set my minimum at like $10 and so far I’ve gotten at least 10 offers each week. Can’t beat that :) And some of them are for $20 posts. It’s so much fun :)

Why you should never go to

A boycott of Amazon- she must be kidding,right? Relax- I wasn’t calling for a boycott,I was just asking you to never simply type into your browser,that’s all. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500- somewhere there’s a work-at-home mom who could conceivably make a few pennies from the sale. My earnings are enough to pay for my school books every month,plus some other books I want to read just to keep my mind sharp. I know moms who save their Amazon commissions all year long just so they can do their Xmas shopping online.

But when you use your browser to visit instead of clicking on the link in a mom-blog,no mommy benefits. No matter what you buy on your visit,Amazon gives a small (very small) percentage to the person who referred you. If no one refers you,they keep it. It doesn’t cost you any more to shop Amazon from a mom-owned-blog- and it doesn’t cost you any less to go straight to directly.

SOoooo- Bookmark your favorite mommyblog- and change the name to AMAZON SHOPPING in your bookmark menu (or something like that) and next time you’re tempted to shop Amazon- share the commission with someone you care about.

If that’s me- first make sure you’re visiting the permalink for this post (instead of the main site) by clicking here –(permalink for this very post)

Then- access amazon through the magic doorway below- which is a completely random book you don’t even need to order because the minute you arrive,Amazon will KNOW that I sent you and whatever you buy,I will get a small (very small,like 6%) portion of. (to end with a preposition,sorry)

Thanks- AND- I’ll never know who ordered what,but I can see what was ordered. So if you plan to purchase something naughty don’t worry- I’ll never know it was you. all they show me is the name of the item ordered and how much I received for the sale.

Thanks,and have a great day

Nonsense comments filled with praise


Do you get these? Here are a few I’ve gotten lately. I’ll tell you what they’re all about in a minute…

I just supposed i’d write and let you realize your blogs is useful for unveiled the beneficial hidden knowledge.I certainly love your weblog.Nicely,the post is in simple fact the top on this  worth when subject. I concur together with your results and will desperately look forward for your forthcoming messages. Just simply saying thanks won’t just be sufficient,for the unparalleled lucidity in your guidelines. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay updated of any updates.Reliable efforts and a good deal being successful inside your operate and business enterprise interests.Automatically keep up the fantastic deliver the results.Thank you.

Wow.  It’s easy to be flattered when I see that finally someone appreciates the  “unparalleled lucidity”in my guidelines. Is this some kind of joke? A few years ago,I would have assumed it was from someone who didn’t speak English very well. Today,I know better.

What makes it so obvious that the comment is SPAM?

  • The commenter’s inability to communicate in English
  • Excessive compliments on a rather mundane topic
  • The fact that their URL was listed as something like buy cheap viagra online

It all adds up to SPAM. Here are a few other ones I’ve received lately:

This is very good article,I am very interested in its topic and read them was a pleasure.

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks

Cool posting man,I incredibly like the look plus the feel of this kind of site. You write genuinely well,you just need to be a knowledgable guy. Will without a doubt come back

This has definitely sparked up an concept in my thoughts. This really is a wonderful website publish.

I find these bogus compliments amusing. I once wrote a post about analyzing blog stats and received,from one of these geniuses,a three paragraph comment of praise,all about how much of an inspiration I am,and how generous it is for such a busy businessman to devote so much time and energy into helping the less fortunate.

These people are paid to sit in cybercafes in a third world country,creating backlinks to someone’s (poorly written) niche blog or directly to an affiliate product. Some bozo buys software that collects the submit code for the comment fields and these guys copy and paste their useless comments into as many blogs as they can (sometimes the tool allows them to submit to several in one swoop),in an effort to get their spam website ranked higher in the SERPS,or even create incoming traffic when people click on their link. The comments are nonsense for a few reasons.

  • They’re not really in response to your post (even though you really are awesome)
  • The original author probably doesn’t speak English
  • The comment is “spun”several times,replacing random words with their synonyms until they no longer make sense
  • Sometimes they’re just a bunch of random URL’s,without any comment text
  • Sometimes the commenter’s name is actually listed as “Asian models”or “Paxil refunds”or “Cheap Rolex watches”

Excessive praise is often SPAM.  You know your posts,you know your style.  Some posts easily lend themselves to excessive praise.  “How I saved my daughter’s life”and “Why I became a marriage coach”are two such titles that might inspire readers to heap praises upon you.  “How to strip the paint off your barstools”and “Easy mac and cheese recipes”are probably not things that will change a reader’s life.    If you get a strange comment with excessive praise,you might want to mark it as SPAM.  I know you LOVE getting comments,and having one lame comment might feel better than having nothing,but  it’s not.  And deep inside,you know it.  With WordPress,you can edit or remove the URL from the comment and approve it anyway if you want.  Sometimes that can be funny.  You can also change the URL,if that’s your style.  You could possibly use it to create incoming links to your own articles and be your own spammer.  You could even respond to your bogus commenter for the amusement of your readers.

But you have to do something.  You can’t reward their spam-linking efforts by leaving their comment intact. Linking away to crappy sites can bring down your ranking,too.  And it doesn’t serve your readers,does it?  Even if it’s a nofollow link,you look like a loser in Google’s eyes (and mine) for linking to garbage.

The dofollow sites I own tend to get more junk-spam-comments than the nofollow sites. Akismet blocks most of them,but not all.

I have my sites set up so that regular readers’comments are automatically approved. Whenever I log in to add content,I check the pending comments. I also have them sent to my email so that I can approve the good ones instantly.

Anyway- what’s the funniest SPAM comment you have received?

How to Write a Roundup Article

Roundup articles are a little like “freebies”for web content writers.  Presumably you’ve been writing in the same niche for a while and have several articles about a few very precise topics.

Mini Touchscreen Laptop - irrelevant but awesome

Mini Touchscreen Laptop - irrelevant but awesome

A roundup article is basically a compilation of all those articles,with links to several of them.

An example of one of my roundup articles is Financial Literacy for Kids for the record,it’s making absolutely no money on Squidoo,in fact,my Squidoo income for about 7 lenses is less than $5. I’m not saying they suck,because I do get clickovers,but I also have not gone through their training yet to see how to maximize income there. I know other writers who do well with the site,but that’s not my goal or my point there. I like them for roundup articles because I can organize excerpts and links to my other work in one easy set of incoming links. It’s all about the incoming link. It also provides me with an easy place to look up my other work on the subject,so I can see what else I’ve done.

OK- so if you take a look at it,you’ll see that I’ve linked to articles on Examiner,Suite101 and eHow. I’ve also linked to an Amazon aStore,embedded into a page on one of my other sites. I also have a paragraph on the bottom with several Amazon links embedded.

Squidoo wants new content added regularly,I fail at the “regularly”part,but I do update them whenever I add a new related topic to my body of work.

If you’re using my “ALL my URL’s”spreadsheet,that should be easy- just by searching the spreadsheet for your keyword or subject,you’ll be able to find related articles for a roundup post.

Other places to publish Roundup Articles: is an excellent place for roundups because they encourage outgoing links

Your blogs and niche websites are great places for roundups

SheToldMe and Bukisa are also suitable places for roundup articles

Xomba works well for roundup posts

So here’s the Step-By-Step

1- gather the URLs,titles and excerpts for articles in a similar niche

2- compile them into an article for whichever site you’ve chosen (no rule against publishing elsewhere,but you should probably reword them or rearrange the content to avoid duplication. I can think of three techniques for this:

  • a-write a fresh,keyword-rich introduction paragraph and then use each article for its own paragraph,posting excerpts and hyperlinked titles
  • b- write an original article and work in the hyperlinks organically,using meaningful (keyworded) anchor text.
  • c- write an original article and list “You might also like”or “For more information,check out…”or “resources:”at the end of the article

3- tweet,Facebook,Stumble,Digg or something. Whatever your social promotion technique is,apply it to this article just like the others.

4- enjoy the little rankings boost and publicity your other articles get as a result of this “freebie”

Speaking in Public:getting started as a public speaker

The title of  Speak and Grow Rich always made me think that there must be an easier way to make money selling words.  With public speaking,you don’t even have to write them down,right?

I think I’m pretty funny in my head while I’m washing dishes;thinking compelling thoughts in a mental narrative that only the bubbles seem to appreciate.

But in my two or three small public-speaking experiences,I’ve proven that real live audiences are a lot more difficult to amuse than the dishes.

Still- poise in front of a crowd is an important skill and one day when my kids are grown and I’m making some sort of wedding toast or Thanksgiving announcement,I don’t want to sound like a jackass. So I’ve come across some free public-speaking resources that I’d like to share with you.

Public Speaking:Principles and Practice by Irvah Lester Winter,Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Public Speaking instructor

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie I’ve come across others,too. I will share them here over the next few days,as I dig through my bookmarks.

Max Simon’s blog and the sales materials for his “sold out seminar secrets”were also helpful. Seriously- join his email list,it’s the best spam you’ll ever get :)  I wish that were an affiliate link,but it’s not. fail? Mistake? Wth??

I got a note form the Minneapolis Homeschooling Examiner saying “Just saw that you’re Lisa Jo Rudy too. I thought I was the only examiner to have all my articles eaten by her profile!”

Confused,I headed over to examiner to look up this Lisa Jo- was she stealing my articles?  Hardly- she writes about autism and “informal education.”Cool new topic,but she hadn’t stolen anything from me..

Then I went to my profile

And found hers

And I logged in,wondering if I’d been booted from the system. Everything looked alright in my publishing interface.  So I clicked to view my most recent article..

and there was Lisa Jo Rudy’s profile.


Her profile is getting traffic that’s supposed to be going to my articles.

I wonder how long this has been going on. My last article was 4 days ago,so it hasn’t been too long.


All the links I’ve set up to drive traffic to my articles are now driving traffic to her profile.

Is this deliberate,or is this an accident?

I’ve submitted a help ticket,I’ll keep you posted.

EDITED- support ticket has been received and the issue is queue’d So far my profile and my most recent articles are still being redirected to her profile.  As soon as I see that it’s changed I will place an addendum here

EDITED- the problem has been solved And I just got paid.

note to self:never publish this

I keep a page with this title on each one of my sites,saved as a draft or password protected. I use it as a general “things to do next”and a place to document the invisible work I’ve done on the site. It’s amazing that I can remember what each of my six kids wore to Grandma’s birthday party in 2007,but I can’t  remember what articles I was planning to put on each site.

Each of my niche sites has a specific set of keywords they target initially,then as they grow I add new clusters of keywords (visualize Google’s wonder wheel,sort of)

As I look through my statcounter reports,sometimes I change my “plan”and choose to develop a different aspect of the site.  This all gets documented on the “note to self”page.

Whenever I stumble upon a site that makes me say “Wow- this is good stuff,I can use this as a resource for my site”I add the URL to an annotated listing that tells me exactly what I liked about it (because I do forget.  “Why did I bookmark this?”)

I used to use a physical notebook for planning,and I still do to some extent,but when I’m visiting a site in order to add content,I find it easier to just consult my note,which I also use to keep track of the time I spend working on each site (like a time clock)

So- do you have any silly organizational strategies for managing blogs on multiple topics?