Allvoices Citizen Journalism Website

I was intrigued by the look of the Allvoices website,they looked professional,but clean (compared to Examiner,whose new logo and site design helped with the ‘clean’factor a bit,I admit)

I was put off at first by the fact that in order to sign up,I had to use Facebook. I don’t like broadcasting “Lisa Russell likes Company X”because I have a lot of Facebook followers who trust my perspective and I don’t want to publish a statement saying I like X if it’s not true.

So I had to investigate further,visiting the Allvoices website and looking over their terms of service in search for some earnings potential information.

It’s complicated,but it makes sense and the potential isn’t really good enough for me to consider adding them to MY portfolio. However,if I were just starting out,I’d choose their site,not as a primary source of income,but as a secondary for sure.

The Allvoices earnings system is based upon a rubric that considers how active you are in their community,how much you publish and how well you integrate photos &videos. It also considers how well you &your readers are interacting.

It appears that the highest paid writers at Allvoices are bringing in $4/1000 page views. This is definitely higher than the average Suite101 writer,but not higher than MY Suite101 average. It’s MUCH lower than the average (which is $9/1000 plus $1/local article,I think)

It’s just a few cents higher than Bukisa,which has no restrictive requirements and pays you as long as your work is on their site,without self-promotion or multimedia content.

In order to reach the $4/1000 mark,an Allvoices writer must Auto tweet each of their articles on twitter and post each article on their Facebook. They must also submit 15 articles,get 20 comments,get 50 ratings,upload 10 images and post 2 videos. They must also have at least 50 fans.

This is on a monthly basis,so if you choose to step back your efforts at the site,your earnings will go down,too.

I can see this being a viable option for some writers,but not for me. I have a hard enough time focusing on the assignments I have,and at this point,I’m starting law school in 40 days,so learning the ins and outs of a new site that requires constant attention is NOT something I can do right now.

If you choose to sign up for Allvoices,be sure to familiarize yourself with the earnings potential so you don’t spin your wheels figuring it out after you start. Publish a report every 2 days,include videos &photos,auto-tweet and Facebook everything and make sure you have people rating,following and commenting on your work,in order to reach the max payout of $4/1000 pageviews.

I forgot to mention- your profile needs to be complete in order to earn anything,but I hope your profiles EVERYWHERE are complete,so readers can find your other work,that’s important :)

If you have experience with AllVoices,please leave a comment and let us know what your experience has been. Is the interface easy to use? Are articles at the mercy of reject-happy editors? Is the community friendly? How much work do you put into your articles? What’s the minimum word count? Give us the scoop :)

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