Another place to get paid for quickies

Felicia wrote about Niner Niner a few weeks ago.    Go take a peek,I’m not sure how they determine whether a 150 word post is a ten center or a fifty center.  I would definitely never try making a living at that rate,but I’d definitely use it to create links to other work and I’m suggesting you do the same:)  Set up the RSS to your twitterfeed and create more incoming links.  Have fun,girls:)

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  • Hi.. Very true.. Infact,I have been doing that with Niner Niner,following Felicia’s post and will be tracking articles that I’ve linked to see whether I get any hits from there at all. However,they do pay pretty much.50 for 150 word posts on nearly all their blogs.. So,I write an article,then write a short post on Niner Niner. Create an incoming link and earn.50 cents:-)

  • That’s a great idea Prena. I dabbled with it for a little bit just to see what it was like but haven’t reached the payout. I think I’ll try getting some links from there using that.

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