Are You an Undervalued WAHM?

The neighbor thinks you can babysit on a whim because “you’re home”

A salesperson tells you to “ask your husband” if you can make a purchase

No one believes you make more than your husband

You work while the kids are sleeping

You work while the kids are napping

You work while the kids are napping

You time conference calls to Yo Gabba Gabba

You’ve ever used YouTube to keep a toddler quiet on your lap while you make an important phone call

You hold staff meetings at the wahm message boards

You’ve ever covered your bathtub with shaving cream before a conference call

Your diaper bag has a laptop in it

You can take time off whenever you want

You can work with a fevered child asleep in your lap

The Work at Home forums are your virtual break room

You’re inclined to use excel to help your kids with their math homework

You fantasize about a clean office more than you fantasize about clean dishes

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