Awesome free widget from Facebook

I absolutely love Facebook’s Activity Feed for web developers.  it creates a sidebar widget that you can use to see which of your blog posts are being “shared”most often on Facebook.

I created one for a client’s website and it was so easy,I decided to do a few for some of my own sites.

All you need to do is enter your URL into the Activity Feed generator. then,fiddle with the dimensions if you want.  I like that you can make it as long as you want,and they just keep on adding new items.

I made one for my Suite101 section and it was so easy. I was pleased to see that some of my articles had been shared several times- yippee!

Here’s what the widget looks like for this website. I was VERY amused to see that 24 people had shared my “OMG I got fired from DS”post whereas only one person (I’m sure it was me) shared the “OMG I’m writing for DS again.”I’m not surprised,just amused.

Keep in mind that you can enter ANY domain into the tool to create a widget,or just to take a peek at how your niche-blogging competitors are doing. Which of their articles are most popular with readers?

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