Become a Freelance Writer

Become a Freelance Writer
Freelance writing is the perfect career. Maybe I’m biased because it’s my job and I love it. I hope you do,too. If staying home with your kids,making enough money to support your family before lunchtime every day and being recognized and paid for your brain while you’re changing diapers or breastfeeding sounds like fun then you might like it,too.

Freelance Writing
Basically,freelance writing means that you’re a writer and you work for yourself. Freelance writers have to be responsible for their own taxes and medical insurance. You choose your own hours and make your own schedule. Unlike being a newspaper journalist,freelance writers choose what they write. There are so many different fields to write for. I hope you have fun browsing through our articles to learn about the enormous variety of freelance writing opportunities.

Writing Class
Even if you haven’t written since high school,you can still find freelance writing jobs. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of grammar and spelling. Knowing where to find the answers to your writing questions gives you the power to become a perfect writer. I’m not perfect myself,but I know where to find answers.

Freelance Magazine Writing
Writing for magazines offers the highest payout for freelancers. Learn which kinds of magazines pay the most,create your own personal database of magazine writer guidelines. Learn how to write a successful query letter. Query letters are the main document that a freelance writer must create in order to get work writing for magazines.

Query Letters
The 30 queries in 30 days program walks you through writing your first query letters and helps you figure out where to send them. We show you sample query letters that worked,break them down into pieces that you can recreate and teach you the formula for writing your own query letters,so that you can get writing assignments from magazines.

Freelance Writers
If you’re already writing as a freelancer,you’ll appreciate our well-organized writing resources and query letter samples. The freelance magazine writing industry has changed enormously over the past ten years. Where email queries used to be considered rude or unprofessional,they are now the norm.

This time next month,you could be writing for a major magazine publication.

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