Free eBook Introduction to WebWriting

One of my favorite people in the webwriting business is Felicia from No Job for Mom. She has a professional yet friendly voice and shares her experiences so generously in her website. I love that she’s a mom who has made this business work and I’ve learned so much from her over the years.

She’s [...]

Right place at the right time- SWEET

I know you skim over marketing emails,too. 90% of them are just spam- designed to remind you that you once thought something was interesting enough to add yourself to an email list. But the fact is,for me anyhow,that if I don’t buy it right away,chances are that I won’t even open [...]

Grant Proposal Tips

This is a resource I found that’s actually a 15 page handout that’s distributed with a weekend Grant Writing Course. It’s from the Idea Bank,they have a lot of resources,a free grant writing ebook,plus sample proposals and other guides. I totally recommend their site for learning how to write grants.

Foundations &Philanthropy

Here’s a free course I found to help learn about grant writing by understanding how foundations work and what their role is in philanthropy. This organization offers several free courses,Here’s a list:

Foundations and Their Role in Philanthropy:A detailed overview of the world of private foundations.

Finding Foundation Support for Your Education:Guides [...]