Free Download –URL Tracker

I mentioned this spreadsheet the other day in a post called “If you’ve been writing online for over a year,do this NOW.”

BUT…your life as a web writer would be so much easier if you didn’t wait until you’ve been writing a year to use this form.

Imagine…you publish a mere 1 [...]

If you've been writing online for over a year,do this NOW

OK,after you read this,you will understand why I think you should have an annual meeting with yourself,to knock out this important task. Ready?

So every year you’re writing these articles that are evergreen,yes,but also sometimes seasonal,right? You’ve got a handful of Valentine’s Day articles,a few back-to-school articles and [...]

Free download-Income Tracking Form for webwriters

In case you’re new here,I need to clarify that I am extremely obsessed with tracking my statistics. I probably spend as much time analyzing numbers as I do writing. Maybe even more. I actually had to put myself on a stat-checking diet.

Why a Stat-Checking Diet?

I was checking my adsense income hourly,checking [...]

Why I Love Working Online

The other day,I came home tired after spending a fantastic day out in the REAL WORLD with my kids. We enjoyed hot cocoa from the espresso stand (OK- the kids had cocoa,I had a six-shot hazelnut latte,but I digress) We went to the humane society and walked dogs,we drove through for [...]

How to find new writing sites before anyone else

There are new websites offering opportunities for writers every day. It starts like a wave. One website is formed on the message boards of another website. Discontented or financially inspired contributors (or designers or editors) from one website decide to jump in and create their own. It’s happening a lot right now. Some sites will [...]

How to Make a Career of Freelance Web Writing

by Barbara Cedillo Alvarez (with permission)

Several writers,veteran and new,have posted questions about how to make DS and freelancing for other clients a viable,profitable WAH (work at home) career.

I’ve been thinking about different ideas and strategies while I was driving around Las Cruces taking photos for my Quick Guides today.

1- [...]

Magic List of Successful Keywords

I got another request for “good keywords”and unfortunately,I can’t just GIVE anyone good keywords. It’s not about the keywords. It’s about the combination of keywords that are good for different reasons. Hopefully this 3000 word article will explain

SEO for freelance web marketers (and that is exactly [...]

Lead Times for Print Publication vs Web Writing

For writing web content,2-3 months is generally a decent lead time for seasonal articles. It gives your article enough time to grow authority via incoming links and can help your SERP rankings through the peak of the season.

However- this is the web and a good (SEO good) article will do well year after [...]

I couldn't have said it better myself

Felicia at No Job for Mom has written a post about how she evaluates which sites are worth writing for. Her system of analysis is intelligent and worthy of consideration. Go check out “So many writing sites –how do I choose.”

I want to reiterate a point I’ve said before,and that Felicia echoed [...]

Writing site to AVOID –

It’s a joke. No one makes any serious money there. A lady came to a message board I frequent,so she could offer everyone a personal invitation (because she gets a bonus for recruiting) but when pressed for details about her earnings she was evasive. I had to kind of read between the lines because [...]