Audiobooks &Outsourcing

I recently clicked an ad for in order to get a free audio book download. I keep meaning to get an iPod so I can listen to audio books while I clean house or cook dinner. I might even be inspired to exercise or something. Maybe not. Still,a girl can fantasize.

Anyway- I [...]

Free download-Income Tracking Form for webwriters

In case you’re new here,I need to clarify that I am extremely obsessed with tracking my statistics. I probably spend as much time analyzing numbers as I do writing. Maybe even more. I actually had to put myself on a stat-checking diet.

Why a Stat-Checking Diet?

I was checking my adsense income hourly,checking [...]

How to Make a Career of Freelance Web Writing

by Barbara Cedillo Alvarez (with permission)

Several writers,veteran and new,have posted questions about how to make DS and freelancing for other clients a viable,profitable WAH (work at home) career.

I’ve been thinking about different ideas and strategies while I was driving around Las Cruces taking photos for my Quick Guides today.

1- [...]

You should totally show favoritism

Seriously. YOU are your business,right. So why shouldn’t your business have YOUR personality? I’m all fired up,about to color all my backgrounds purple or something. Let me lay this out for you…

You made your business

You love your business

You give your business love and in return it loves you.

Neglect your [...]

Free ebook

I have a free ebook for you. It’s about reaching your goals using the law of attraction. To be honest,I just skimmed it,it’s in my “things to read next time we’re on a road trip and I don’t have internet access”Anyhow- I’ve been bundling it for free with my “How to write [...]

Pay Yourself First

write for your own websites

I always get annoyed when I find myself devoting a lot of time writing for other people’s websites. The pay isn’t fantastic,but I research my keywords and make sure that the job is well done. I know that the people paying me will end up making more in [...]

What's your goal?

I just read- once again,a post from another freelancer asking other writers how they balance their time online. It’s too easy,without a plan,to get distracted into twitter or FaceBook,and discover at the end of the day that you haven’t really made any money. Here are a few things I’ve done to [...]

Such a lovely life

Aerial Picture of Roche Harbor

We vacationed in the San Juan Islands last week. Actually,we stayed on Whidbey Island and visited San Juan,as well as Port Townsend,Fort Worden State Park (Where An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed) and Deception Pass.

In the past,when my husband’s income was our family’s [...]

Saved by the [browser,bell]

Ok- that weird symbol thing in the title can be explained. When a client asks you to “spin”an article,you’re supposed to give them interchangeable words in brackets,so that they can turn your article into an infinite number of identical-ish articles just by spinning it.

Here’s an example:

I went to the mall [...]