OMG I’m writing for DS again

So,much to my surprise,I’m currently registered as a writer at Demand Studios.


If you don’t know the back story,here’s a link to the drama:OMG I got fired from DS

When Eve originally informed me of their decision,I sent a response,stating my side of the story. I sent a [...]

OMG I got fired from Demand Studios

I can’t believe what an idiot I am.

I got a rewrite at Demand Studios,right. It happens,right. Honestly,rewrites don’t bother me,but THIS one did. Not because the editor was wrong,but because of the way he communicated the instructions.

I was writing about the Great Smoky Mountains. I checked a map [...]

Credible References

Argh- I am up to my ears in requests for references from a site I write for.

Because when someone goes looking for decorating ideas,it’s irresponsible to give them ideas that aren’t from a credible reference.

Credible references are .edu sites and .gov sites,mostly. Because other sites might be slanted. And the .gov [...]