How to Write a Roundup Article

Roundup articles are a little like “freebies”for web content writers. Presumably you’ve been writing in the same niche for a while and have several articles about a few very precise topics.

Mini Touchscreen Laptop –irrelevant but awesome

A roundup article is basically a compilation of all those articles,with links to several [...] fail? Mistake? Wth??

I got a note form the Minneapolis Homeschooling Examiner saying “Just saw that you’re Lisa Jo Rudy too. I thought I was the only examiner to have all my articles eaten by her profile!”

Confused,I headed over to examiner to look up this Lisa Jo- was she stealing my articles? Hardly- she writes about [...]

Another health insurance option for webwriters recently announced that they’re providing another “perk”for writers.

You and your family now have access to a variety of discounted private health plans! Available through a new partnership powered by JLBG Health,this program is the go-to resource for finding affordable coverage and sound advice. With live help just a phone call [...]

Considering writing for

If you’re planning to write for,there are a few things you should look at.

#1- your topic. Do you have enough ideas to create at least an article a day in your topic area? They used to require 4 articles a week but now the requirement is that you’re not PAID unless you’ve [...]