Get Paid to Read Articles

When you’re sick of writing and still need to do SOMETHING online,sign up for Readbud and get paid to read articles online.

I was referred to the site through Shanna Banana at and she’s done pretty well with the site. You need to get to $50 for the payment threshold. I made 41 [...]

Break Studios Review

OK,so I’ve been writing for Break Studios for almost 2 weeks now. I promised I’d write up a review once I had them figured out. They’re really laid back,compared to Demand Studios. The titles are also really different. the pay is also significantly lower.

So far,it’s balancing out,though. I’m able to [...]

OMG I got fired from Demand Studios

I can’t believe what an idiot I am.

I got a rewrite at Demand Studios,right. It happens,right. Honestly,rewrites don’t bother me,but THIS one did. Not because the editor was wrong,but because of the way he communicated the instructions.

I was writing about the Great Smoky Mountains. I checked a map [...]

Why I Love Working Online

The other day,I came home tired after spending a fantastic day out in the REAL WORLD with my kids. We enjoyed hot cocoa from the espresso stand (OK- the kids had cocoa,I had a six-shot hazelnut latte,but I digress) We went to the humane society and walked dogs,we drove through for [...]

Considering writing for

If you’re planning to write for,there are a few things you should look at.

#1- your topic. Do you have enough ideas to create at least an article a day in your topic area? They used to require 4 articles a week but now the requirement is that you’re not PAID unless you’ve [...]

Another site for bookmarking

Free blogging platforms are great for creating incoming links. I just found another, has a blog network that you can use to create incoming links and direct traffic from your other sites. You get 100% of all three google ads on the page,which is nice. You also get a sidebar of links that [...]

Philosophical Niche Blogger Battle

And I don’t mean to use the word “battle”in a war-like sense,I just mean that there are two different philosophies niche bloggers should be aware of,and maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right,but the speculation is interesting. And I want to add mine so that there’s really three.

OK so today [...]

Awesome Revenue Share Opportunity for Moms

If you didn’t know this,I’m the Homeschooling Editor for TypeAmom. I just got their November Newsletter email stating that they’ve opened up a bunch of new editor positions,it’s a great chance to get in with a growing company. They have a lot of great things going on there,a fantastic community of diverse [...]

Email alerts when CloudCrowd has work

Yep- if you haven’t signed up for the cloud crowd email alerts,get thee bum over to facebook so that you can grab the silly little tasks early before they run out. It’s changes like these that will help the company get more work in the future. They’re improving their infrastructure so they can HANDLE [...]