Be Better At The Grammaring

You might need more than just web content

Today I was writing for a tour company in the Rocky Mountains of the USA. They offer horseback riding and ATV tours and lodging. They’re trying to pitch their services for catering and events and I think they need more than just a team of content writers bringing traffic to their website. Here’s what I [...]

Working From Home During the Holidays

I’m writing this at my kitchen counter,it’s centrally located,well,right in the middle of the house (grin). My six-year-old and my eight-year-old are running circles around me,stark naked with bath towels trailing behind them like superheroes. If I stop writing I might say something lame like “Cheesus Ate Rice,stop running in [...]

SalesForce CRM management (cloud based) software

It’s 4300 and 5 days to take the new salesforce administrator’s course but the outline for the class is available online and while you won’t get a certificate for teaching yourself,you can definitely do it even without access to the program. There are videos on youtube and other tutorials out there for learning to [...]

Learn to use ExactTarget Email software for free

Adding ExactTarget skills to your resume can help you land a contract or position working with online marketing campaigns at bigger companies.

Here’s a website that offers training courses you can register for (for a fee) but this particular page offers free video courses so you can learn on your own

Your niche might be helping local businesses

For a lot of small businesses,setting up a Google+ page is really difficult,really boring and really probably not on their top ten list of things they should be doing online. But don’t worry,that’s where you come in. As a private contractor,you can provide a service for local businesses to help them [...]

Nonsense comments filled with praise

Do you get these? Here are a few I’ve gotten lately. I’ll tell you what they’re all about in a minute…

I just supposed i’d write and let you realize your blogs is useful for unveiled the beneficial hidden knowledge.I certainly love your weblog.Nicely,the post is in simple fact the top on this [...]

How to Write a Roundup Article

Roundup articles are a little like “freebies”for web content writers. Presumably you’ve been writing in the same niche for a while and have several articles about a few very precise topics.

Mini Touchscreen Laptop –irrelevant but awesome

A roundup article is basically a compilation of all those articles,with links to several [...]

How to turn your graphic into a clickable button readers can use on their site

OK- I hope this article comes out right. I’m not used to writing ABOUT html code,but the topic is so important that I need to share it.

So- it’s arts and crafts time,blogger style.

Step 1- create your graphic

If you already HAVE a graphic,you can skip ahead a few paragraphs to [...]

Suite101 Scam

Every time I go to type Suite101 into the address bar of my Google Chrome browser,automatic search suggestions appear and the first one is always “Suite 101 scam.”It bothers me because I am so grateful for the badass income I get from Suite 101 for what amounts to VERY minimal work. I’m also [...]