OMG I got fired from Demand Studios

I can’t believe what an idiot I am.

I got a rewrite at Demand Studios,right. It happens,right. Honestly,rewrites don’t bother me,but THIS one did. Not because the editor was wrong,but because of the way he communicated the instructions.

I was writing about the Great Smoky Mountains. I checked a map [...]

"Just like Demand Studios"except for…

Remember when Angela Hoy said that “There are plenty of places like Demand Studios”and I was like WTF??? Because I could sure use a few different titles to choose from,know what I mean? Plus,there are people who want to write online but can’t get on with Demand. So if there are really [...]

Making Money by Selling Photos Online

If you want to learn how to sell pictures you took,there are so may resources. I’m hoping to come back to this post when I get my badass new camera. Until then,here’s a list of places you can sell your photos online.

Sell Photographs Online:

Photo Secrets is a website that gives photography [...]

Bookmark this HTML tutorial

I was lucky,I grew up with a computer in the house,I was like 12 when America Online first came out and since my Stepdad worked in the computer business,I was building my own websites before I finished high school. It’s always been a fun hobby. I forget,sometimes,that everyone doesn’t know [...]

"Word whore"or cog?

I’m trying to come to peace with the term “content mill.”It always sounds so negative. Mainly,I don’t care. The people who insult Demand Studios writers often don’t tell the whole story. They talk about the “pathetic pay”which,in my experience,is $40-$80 an hour. What’s so pathetic about that,considering I have [...]

Better newsletter handling for niche bloggers

Remember I complained about how Constant Contact didn’t meet my need,which was namely

A- to create a form whereby an entirely new set of subscribers could subscribe to an entirely different newsletter from a different website,all of which I could manage from my ONE account

I think I found one that does,it’s [...]

Demand Studios Drama and Lies

Angela at Writer’s Weekly publishes a weekly (duh) newsletter for writers. I strongly urge you to subscribe and ignore half of it each week.

The trouble is that she has an aversion to web writing. Every week she goes on a mission to prove that web writing opportunities are bunk. Writers who have failed at [...]

Looking for WA State WAHMS –extra $?

I need WAHMs in Washington State. All over the state. I think the form has no spot for customer service reps,medical transcriptionists or tech support,but I need you,too. I need a variety of WAHMs all over the state for this badass idea to work. So,are you in?

And if you are [...]

Parts of an Employment Contract

Many jobs require their staff to sign a contract of employment. Understanding the limitations and purposes of an employment contract are important for employers and their employees. Employment contracts are legal to the extent that they’re in alignment with local labor laws. In the US,each state defines most of its own labor laws,including [...]