Right place at the right time- SWEET

I know you skim over marketing emails,too. 90% of them are just spam- designed to remind you that you once thought something was interesting enough to add yourself to an email list. But the fact is,for me anyhow,that if I don’t buy it right away,chances are that I won’t even open [...]

Your Free Work Number

Are you like me- do you HATE the idea of having your home phone number online for everyone to have access to,but you understand some of your clients might prefer to communicate via phone. They hire YOU to be their internet person because they don’t enjoy it. So like it or not,sometimes we [...]

Free Download- "Things to do Online"Printable

What are you doing for your niche-blog work today? Do you know? One thing I do on my most successful days is to make a list. Sometimes it’s a pre-meditated list of things to do and other times it’s a list of things I’m doing as I do them.

I don’t think it matters much [...]

In Defense of Schizophrenia in the Online Workplace

So- I found a great website about working at home. The articles were informative,relevant and interesting. I decided to follow the site’s owner on twitter,because there was an icon in the sidebar.

Once I saw her twitter homepage,though,I changed my mind.

Her twitterstream was filled with horrific news stories,not helpful [...]

Hilarious Demand Studios Spoof

I’m sure I’ve professed my love for Demand Studios a thousand times here,but today I have to share a hilarious video made by an obviously frustrated DS writer. If you write for DS you can probably relate. Enjoy

How to find new writing sites before anyone else

There are new websites offering opportunities for writers every day. It starts like a wave. One website is formed on the message boards of another website. Discontented or financially inspired contributors (or designers or editors) from one website decide to jump in and create their own. It’s happening a lot right now. Some sites will [...]

How to Make a Career of Freelance Web Writing

by Barbara Cedillo Alvarez (with permission)

Several writers,veteran and new,have posted questions about how to make DS and freelancing for other clients a viable,profitable WAH (work at home) career.

I’ve been thinking about different ideas and strategies while I was driving around Las Cruces taking photos for my Quick Guides today.

1- [...]

Demand Studios Drama and Lies

Angela at Writer’s Weekly publishes a weekly (duh) newsletter for writers. I strongly urge you to subscribe and ignore half of it each week.

The trouble is that she has an aversion to web writing. Every week she goes on a mission to prove that web writing opportunities are bunk. Writers who have failed at [...]

Free ebook

I have a free ebook for you. It’s about reaching your goals using the law of attraction. To be honest,I just skimmed it,it’s in my “things to read next time we’re on a road trip and I don’t have internet access”Anyhow- I’ve been bundling it for free with my “How to write [...]