note to self:never publish this

I keep a page with this title on each one of my sites,saved as a draft or password protected. I use it as a general “things to do next”and a place to document the invisible work I’ve done on the site. It’s amazing that I can remember what each of my six kids [...]

SEO browser plugins for Chrome

I use a mini laptop,so I don’t have a lot of screen space. In exchange,I get to take my computer everywhere my busy lifestyle needs me. I have six kids who are always wanting to go to a friend’s house,to tap dancing classes,jazz,singing,drama,the library,girl scouts,science club,[...]

Twitter Widgets

Ok- dilemma,I wanted a twitter widget in my sidebar but I wanted it to complement the theme of the site. I didn’t want to use the standard wordpress RSS sidebar widget (which would only show the tweets,without any embellishment)

In my research,I found…

Widgetbox. I’m not too impressed with Widgetbox. I made [...]

Putting Ads on a Blog

A long time ago,I signed up for the chitika ad network. I think it was Felicia that referred me,she reported that they were bringing her more income than her adsense ads. I liked them because they were keyword-based,but not because of the content on the page,because of the words someone searched [...]

Free Tip for Making Money with Google Search

If you’re already using adsense and haven’t tried Google Search- you totally should. Here’s what you do:1. Login to your adsense account and create an “adsense for search”ad. 2. Pick however you want it to look 3. Enter all the URLs for only the sites you write for,so that only those sites [...]

How to Add Pictures to a Webpage Using Yahoo Sitebuilder

I made this little video to show a friend of mine how to upload pictures using Yahoo sitebuilder program. I don’t recommend sitebuilder for many web design applications. it’s good because you can design offline,but I don’t think it’s very SEO friendly,manipulating html code is difficult and you can’t really create a feed. [...]