Twitter Widgets

Ok- dilemma,I wanted a twitter widget in my sidebar but I wanted it to complement the theme of the site. I didn’t want to use the standard wordpress RSS sidebar widget (which would only show the tweets,without any embellishment)

In my research,I found…

Widgetbox. I’m not too impressed with Widgetbox. I made [...]

Work Today- Paid Tomorrow- awesome!

Wow,so yesterday I signed up for CloudCrowd and spent probably 2 hours exploring their site,reading all the rules and the contract and doing each of the different jobs they have available. Here’s how it works

Job #1- you can scour the internet for terrible foreign websites. We’ve all seen them,they’re poorly translated [...]

New Freelance Writing Opp- On Facebook???

Imagine that- a freelance writing money-making application on facebook. It’s new,I can tell that there are conflicts between the writers and the editors (name a relationship more doomed?)

Anyway- here it is,have you ever come across a TERRIBLE WEBSITE? Where everything is spelled wrong,or the English is poorly translated? That’s what this [...]

Unprofessional "professional"websites

Dear business owners- don’t make ridiculously complicated policies that make customers NOT want to contact you.

For example- this “email policy”from the Black River Outdoor Center in South Carolina

If You Contact Us by eMail …please use relevant wording in your eMails such as “Subject:Kayak Tour Info”or “Subject:I want [...]

Sites that Pay Via Adsense

(meaning that your check comes FROM google,not the website)

The Google Adsense API is open for approved web developers,so that they can split the revenue from your articles with you. Every time a reader clicks on an ad,you get half (or another percentage) of the income and the developer gets the other [...]

Someone is blowing smoke.

Or perhaps it’s $5000 worth of

I think in the past few years I’ve known one or two moms who have made decent income from They both said the same thing,that the bulk of their income came from the Marketplace articles,that Helium sells to other clients.

When you look through the [...]

Don't Spell Things Wrong in Your Header,Dummy

While looking for sites to write for,I came across Just Articles,I didn’t apply because they have a spelling error in their header. Maybe I’m lame. I sometimes spell things wrong,but given the subject matter of the site and the prominent placement of the error you’d think they’d have noticed.


This site is really hard to use. Their interface is really ridiculous. I’ve worked a few posts for them,but honestly,I just don’t understand why each job shows up in ten places. And when the job is over,shouldn’t it disappear or something? I don’t know. I don’t like this site. I’m thinking [...]