Seattle Small Press Magazines and Newspapers

I just searched for Small Publications in Seattle and was pretty disappointed to find that none of my fellow writers had compiled this. If they did,they weren’t on page 1 and the only useful thing on page 1 was Wikipedia. So I’m writing it. If you want a list of small newspapers in Seattle [...]

So you think you can guess my pen name?

I love that so many of you are wanting to support my romance writing by reading my books. Unfortunately,I made a promise to myself and my neighbor,a fellow author. I’m not revealing it until I have sold 1 million copies. It’s true and I’m not going back on a pact that’s [...]

Tools for Kindle Marketing

Amazon Kindle has their own built-in ad platform,and it’s super effective but since they pay authors 2 months later for sales and they require a $100 commitment,you need to either set very short ad run times or risk that $100 that you might not see back for a while. On the brighter side,[...]

Back at the keyboard

OK,so my 2 years of job experience has taught me a few things,most prominently that I’m not cut out to be the mom that works 50+ hours outside the house with little chance of building real wealth or independence.

About a month ago,I set off on a vacation with my kids. I [...]

Right on schedule…

Today I officially published my first actual book. With my name on it. I can’t even count how many ebooks and physical books I’ve ghost-written over the past few years. I was always surprised by how much actual work goes into them and watching my work rise on the sales charts with someone else’s name [...]

Quick update (Aww who am I kidding,it’s a state-of-my-writing address)

My writing adventures were stalled for a while because I thought life would be better working outside of the home. For a while,I was right. Writing from home had become a little bit of a drag for a while because I wondered if I could even make it in a “real”job. I felt [...]

An excellent resource for editing for clarity

Explaining the Hemingway App without actually copying and pasting from their website would be kind of lame because once you click on it you’ll end up seeing what it’s about anyway. So click on the words Hemingway App above and find out for yourself. It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy.

And Suddenly I Realize I’m an Avoider of Phrases…

I don’t claim to be any kind of awesome writer,and because of this,there are phrases I avoid simply because I don’t like them. Until I started listening to the Grammar Girl podcasts I wasn’t really interested in knowing the truth. I can’t control what anyone else says or does in their writing so [...]

On Being a Sellout

I know a lot of super creative writers. I love the idea of self-expression and creating beautiful things with words,but it’s just not my style. I’ve been preparing for a career as a web writer since I was in junior high school. I used to always get A’s on essays in school. The secret [...]