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What are you doing for your niche-blog work today? Do you know? One thing I do on my most successful days is to make a list. Sometimes it’s a pre-meditated list of things to do and other times it’s a list of things I’m doing as I do them.

I don’t think it matters much [...]

Putting Ads on a Blog

A long time ago,I signed up for the chitika ad network. I think it was Felicia that referred me,she reported that they were bringing her more income than her adsense ads. I liked them because they were keyword-based,but not because of the content on the page,because of the words someone searched [...]

If I get fired

If I get fired,it is because I have violated some kind of rule by making the pretty widget instead of keeping the ugly widget on my site. Compare for yourself- let me know what you think. Become a freelance writer!

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