Pet Peeve About my Fellow Writers

Is it ethical to use my own website to complain about people who might be readers? I say “Yes,as long as it’s constructive.”I also think I might have just quoted myself in real-time for the first time ever. Do people do that? I guess I do. So here’s the thing:

Stop Wasting [...]

Pay Yourself First

write for your own websites

I always get annoyed when I find myself devoting a lot of time writing for other people’s websites. The pay isn’t fantastic,but I research my keywords and make sure that the job is well done. I know that the people paying me will end up making more in [...]

Another place to get paid for quickies

Felicia wrote about Niner Niner a few weeks ago. Go take a peek,I’m not sure how they determine whether a 150 word post is a ten center or a fifty center. I would definitely never try making a living at that rate,but I’d definitely use it to create links to other work and [...]


This site is really hard to use. Their interface is really ridiculous. I’ve worked a few posts for them,but honestly,I just don’t understand why each job shows up in ten places. And when the job is over,shouldn’t it disappear or something? I don’t know. I don’t like this site. I’m thinking [...]

This site has grown a lot since I first joined. There are several opportunities listed. It takes a little longer to get work here than it does through PayPerPost. With BuyBlogReviews,you must bid on each job. It’s not rocket Science,they tell you what the minimum bid is and you get to bid [...]


When I first started working online I made most of my money through PayPerPost. Websites (including blogs) are “graded”by Google on a scale of zero to ten. The higher your grade,or PageRank,the more companies want their name on your blog. However,if their company isn’t one you’d normally be writing about (you [...]