How to Learn Grant Writing Online for Free

There are free courses online to help you learn how to write grant proposals. Whether you have your own nonprofit organization or you’d like to work as a grant writer,or write a grant for a friend,there’s plenty of free resources online to help you learn how to write a grant and where to [...]

Grant Proposal Tips

This is a resource I found that’s actually a 15 page handout that’s distributed with a weekend Grant Writing Course. It’s from the Idea Bank,they have a lot of resources,a free grant writing ebook,plus sample proposals and other guides. I totally recommend their site for learning how to write grants.

Awesome Grant Writing Book

Don’t you love Google Books Online? I’ve been reading about grant writing and came across this,The Only Grant Writing Book You’ll Ever Need by Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox. You can’t read the entire text online,but if you’re smart,you can read enough.

Grant Writing is a great way mom writers can [...]

Foundations &Philanthropy

Here’s a free course I found to help learn about grant writing by understanding how foundations work and what their role is in philanthropy. This organization offers several free courses,Here’s a list:

Foundations and Their Role in Philanthropy:A detailed overview of the world of private foundations.

Finding Foundation Support for Your Education:Guides [...]

Writing Grants for Profit

Worked into many nonprofit’s operating expenses is a budget for Grant Writers. Sometimes it’s an annual salary,sometimes it’s a percentage of the grant received. I found this,the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grant Writing on Google Books. Just like the one I found yesterday,they conveniently leave out a few pages. Still,it’s a [...]

Funny Ways to Raise Money

In addition to writing grants,freelance fundraising is a niche you can carve on your own. If you have an idea for a fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization,write up a proposal and present it to their board. There’s nothing illegal,immoral or wrong for reimbursing yourself for your time or efforts. Freelance fundraising [...]