Credible References

Argh- I am up to my ears in requests for references from a site I write for.

Because when someone goes looking for decorating ideas,it’s irresponsible to give them ideas that aren’t from a credible reference.

Credible references are .edu sites and .gov sites,mostly. Because other sites might be slanted. And the .gov and the .edu sites are NEVER slanted.

A commercial site that sells decorating supplies isn’t credible,they’re trying to sell something. Something I wrote for another website isn’t credible because the site is a competitor. And I wrote it,so the fact that I happen to write on the subject a lot,researching it and stuff means I’m obviously not informed.

Accepting ideas from a site that isn’t credible can be dangerous.

What if someone happens to decorate with vintage LP’s and- screws up?
The world would end.

What if they take the decorating advice and it turns out ugly. They might sue the website.

Listen up folks;there’s a time and place for references.

Decorating ideas –NO
legal issues –Yes
construction safety issues –Yes
decorating ideas –no
homeschooling resources –no
homeschooling ideas –no
games with kids –no
homeschooling laws –yes
medical issues –yes
herbal remedies –yes,but .gov and .edu are- in this case. slanted and not reliable
nutrition- absolutely NOT if it’s from a .gov site,OK- they subsidize inedible corn for processed foods and then want to charge us our whole monthly income to pay the drug companies to help us recover from medical issues we wouldn’t have if we were eating real natural food,so no thank you,. I’m not taking nutrition advice from the government,thank you.

sorry,I went off on a tangent there

anyways,here are a few more
hair braiding –no
makeup tips –no
romance –no
weather –yes
animal control –yes
pest control- yes,but balance it with something non-chemical

anything else? Because being asked for references on stupid things is reallys tarting to piss me off.

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