Do You know the Secret?

Several years ago,I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich,it was like an Oprah AHA moment. The message was,trust your instincts,trust that things always turn out for the best,trust that things will always turn out the way you want them. Don’t stress about things because that doesn’t work and it detracts you from your goals;prevents you from seeing opportunities because you’re focused on bad stuff. When I was in high school,I had this neener neener neener song I used to sing in my head “I always get my waaaayyy”Because it was true- I did. And now I find myself singing it more and more often in my head. That’s part of the secret;knowing things will turn out the way you want them. So in comes The Secret;it’s the same knowledge that’s existed since the beginnings of civilization,only all wrapped up in a snazzy year 2000′s wrapper. It’s very palatable that way;it comes in a DVD,an audio book and a regular book. I recommend the audio book. The DVD is too corny,it’s comedy,really. the special effects are a crack up. Watch it after you’ve heard the Audio. The book sucks in comparison to the Audio. Unlike other audio books,The Secret uses the real voices of the people interviewed,in all their excited inflection that can’t be written. So get the audio,stick it in your car and just listen. It’s good stuff. By Rhonda Byrne.

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