Ebooks for Success

Send me some recommendations,please. I know Guy Lecke’s keywords cracker was very insightful. I’m sure you SEO wizards have all used the Google keyword tool to see how popular certain search terms are,but then there’s all that other info,like CPM and CPC,what’s up with that? Is it better to use the popular search terms with high ad competition,or the least popular search terms with the higher ad competition,and subsequently higher CP whatever,his book spells it all out and helps you understand how to use keywords in a way that helps you market yourself properly,instead of being all scatterbrained trying to get by on your looks or personality (obviously mine is personality,and it’s working a teeny bit)

SO- I know there are some out there like “Be a millionaire with adsense in 10 days”and stuff like that. If i ever write one it will be called “How to become a millionaire in ten days even if you don’t have 6 kids”Just kidding,if I become a millionaire in ten days I’m not sticking around to write a frigging e-book,I’m going to Dubai.

But seriously,if you’ve found one that offered helpful hints,gave good advice,or otherwise seemed worth the investment,let me know. So far everything I’ve seen is all the same regurgitated information that exists everywhere.

Wait a minute,maybe I should listen to it,huh. Nah,I’m addicted to the process,the journey is the destination,this is fun. whatever,it’s late,goodnight.

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