Free download-Income Tracking Form for webwriters

In case you’re new here,I need to clarify that I am extremely obsessed with tracking my statistics. I probably spend as much time analyzing numbers as I do writing. Maybe even more. I actually had to put myself on a stat-checking diet.

Why a Stat-Checking Diet?

I was checking my adsense income hourly,checking my eHow and Suite101 traffic and income hourly. Once I started earning on other networks and affiliate programs and ad services,I started checking them regularly,too.

One day,the end of the day came and the only thing I had really accomplished was filling out my ENTIRE spreadsheet. How lame is that? I am sure this is a bibical sin,or it should be.

When Should I check my stats?

I have a few that I track daily now. eHow is one of them,because they only show you the month’s total,you can’t see a day-by-day breakdown. I like looking at the breakdown over the course of the month. Plus- I make these little graphs and charts and visual indicators so I can see That’s all. I track adsense daily,too because isolating specific days in their reports is a pain in the rear.

How do I keep track of my webwriter stats?

Check out my handy dandy spreadsheet.

When the form first opens,it gives you instructions. Follow them.

It adds up your totals every day,from every source.
It gives you a monthly daily average
It has expense columns that mirror the IRS deductions line-by-line
It has a monthly and annual running profit-and-loss statement that’s self-generated
It has social-media-stat-analyzing sections for tracking your twitter followers,subscribers,followers,etc
It has a comparison of last year’s vs this year’s totals

It also has links to Felicia’s site because it started off as her spreadsheet and I went a little geek-nuts on it (with her permission) and I’m sharing it here with you (with her permission)


And don’t go crazy checking stats. If you can check some monthly,then check them monthly. Very few things NEED to be checked daily. Your time may be better spent adding content,helping people on message boards,or subscribing to my birthday newsletter for your kids. Thanks.

AND- please become a fan of my site on Facebook,using the widget to the left of this screen. I made it a few days ago and it looks really pathetic right now. I’ll promote it on Facebook,too. But it just feels odd. I should get over that.

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