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What are you doing for your niche-blog work today? Do you know? One thing I do on my most successful days is to make a list. Sometimes it’s a pre-meditated list of things to do and other times it’s a list of things I’m doing as I do them.

I don’t think it matters much WHEN you make your list,unless your personality type mandates that you’re checking things off. I feel just as good checking things off as I do adding things after I’ve done them. In the end,I think the 2nd way makes for a cleaner list. Unfortunately,sometimes I do both and end up with a very obsessive two-list system.

I won’t even tell you the insane method of list-making that I use when I’m out running errands with my kids. never mind,I’ll tell you a little. Let me just say it involves folding a lined paper into four sections,so that I can have basically ten quadrants (total geometry foul-up,what’s ten sections?) because the center of the page is its own list.

Anyway,I wanted to share with you a little form I’ve been using to keep track of what I do online each day.

The page has a wide left margin,so you can punch holes for a 3 ring binder. I have a “thing”about notebooks. Seriously,I have one for each website. I know that’s lame.

Here is the download link for Things To Do Online.

I hope the form is self-explanatory. Just print out a few if you’re planning ahead and fill in the week you plan to use the that you plan to add content to,then the name of the article (KEYWORDS,don’t forget)

If you’re creating promotional content on other websites,like article directories or free link-building sites or paid-to-link sites,list them in the 2nd section.

The last few sections are for other link-building (like bookmarking sites or RSS feed-submits) and social networking.

I put in a Keyword Research section and Goal-setting section to remind you to always plan ahead. You can use them to jot down things you WANT to research,or things you’ve decided to use next week. The goal-setting section would be for short-term goals. You should have a long-range goal for each niche site,but hopefully it’s bigger than this little section will allow and you wouldn’t be rewriting it every week.

Good luck,have fun and feel free to share share share this as much as you want.Here is the download link for Things To Do Online.

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