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I mentioned this spreadsheet the other day in a post called “If you’ve been writing online for over a year,do this NOW.”

BUT…your life as a web writer would be so much easier if you didn’t wait until you’ve been writing a year to use this form.

Imagine…you publish a mere 1 article a day (that’s nothing,some of us publish 5 or more a day)  That’s 365 articles a year.  Even if you’re taking weekends off,that’s 260 articles a year and each article (or blog post) will have a different URL (or permalink)

So when someone says “Hey,I publish reprints,got anything you want to submit?” What’s the easiest way to find it?  Honestly,I go to google and enter “what I think it’s called’ and HOPE that whatever I think it’s called is accurate.

Here’s another scenario…You find your article on another website and you’re not sure if you authorized the reprint.  Do you send a cease and desist,or do you let it slide?

For these reasons and more,you need to download my FREE URL Tracker spreadsheet.

As you’re publishing,enter the final URL of each article into the spreadsheet,along with relevant keywords and tags.  This way,when someone says “The theme is sprinklers”you can search your article database for that 3 year old post on sprinklers and FIND IT.

Keeping material fresh online is a big deal.  When google sees older material that’s still being referenced it makes them think “Hmmm…this must matter if people are still talking about it.” (If algorithms can think,that is)

Another useful thing about having all of your URLs in one place,is that you can use it in your google adwords for search setup,so that when readers search from your site,you can guarantee that the results of their search will have them land on something you’ve written.  You could design your own toolbar,iPhone app or plugin after a while.  Then you’ll rule the world.  Mwahahahaha.

All joking aside.  You know you need to track your URLs.  Don’t learn the hard way. And don’t wait until you’ve been publishing online for several years,you WILL regret it.

In case you missed it…FREE URL Tracker

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