How to find new writing sites before anyone else

There are new websites offering opportunities for writers every day. It starts like a wave. One website is formed on the message boards of another website. Discontented or financially inspired contributors (or designers or editors) from one website decide to jump in and create their own. It’s happening a lot right now. Some sites will survive,others will fade away. Who cares,as long as they’ll pay me for my work,says the modern webwriter and word-whore.

By the time these new sites make it out to the other message-boards,they’re old news to me. I get notified about their existence the minute Google finds them,with my secret little tool called…. google alerts.

A google news alert is one of my favorite things lately. Today,I could search for the term “where to find webwriting jobs”and find a whole lot of bozos asking the same question.

Since I’m not new to the keyword party,I actually use the term “We pay writers”(among others) because somewhere in every site’s writer’s guidelines,I end up finding that (or similar) terminology. Other terms I use are “Our writers get”“goes to the writer”(I think you get the picture)

Anyway- every single time google comes across that precise term (because I put the term in quotation marks) They send me an email.

So I totally get to preview the newest writing sites at all times. I get to skim through the contract and check out their site layout and structure,see if I recognize any top names in the business,any potential legal issues and get a feel for the site’s personality. Some of them don’t look like they’ll last. Most look like they’re really trying. People don’t realize how much technical ability goes into creating such a site. That sort of technical ability,however,won’t help the amount of ACTUAL social interaction that must take place in order to build a website. Potential writers will slam a site with mis-spellings and grammar errors. Some sites will respond quickly,others will remain unchanged,and never take off.

I think some of the most promising sites are made by the writers,in my opinion. A site is only as good as the content and editors it can attract. Top tier web writers avoid sites like Helium and Triond because of their reputation for low quality. Some web writers simply will not write for a site that isn’t their own. I admire the writers who don’t sell out by working for free. However,I love what I learn by experiencing different companies and experimenting with keywords and niches while building my own sites,with lessons I was paid to learn.

Some writers,like Felicia and Angela,are working mainly on their own sites now,after having “studied”under the big guys.

Successful Mom Writers Online

Felicia runs No Job for Mom and shares her experiences as a freelance,independent web writer. She has two children (if I remember correctly)

She shares information on different blog monetization programs,technical things she’s learning and well,a lot of the same things I write about,including reviewing writing sites and discussing what she’s learned at different sites.

She’s got a great blog design that highlights her conversations,making reader’s comments prominent and encouraging conversations. So her site has the interactive-ness of a message board,but she’s the ringleader (and a fine,helpful one to boot)

She has the perfect blend of conversation and authority. I heard her speaking voice in one of her videos and it’s just as smooth and friendly as her written word;there’s a master. She started as a web writer,learned about how money works online and now she is earning on her OWN sites. She still maintains her position at Suite 101,though and uses the skills she’s learned along the way.

If you’re a reader of mine,I urge you to check out Felicia’s site,too. she updates regularly and always provides high quality material that has helped me increase my profitability.

Another Web-Writing-Mom Success Story

Angela England is another example. She’s a homeschooling mom of (I hope I remember this correctly) Four or five kids. I think her oldest is nine and she’s hatched two new ones just in the time I know her (she’s very efficient)

She didn’t spend much time writing for other companies. Although she did do a lot of research. She signed up for several reputable writing sites and weeded through the ones that worked best for her at the time.

Today,she still remains with some of those sites. On many she has been promoted,given raises,or taken on other opportunities within the company.

She’s recently released an ebook titled “Making Money Blogging”and has been speaking at conventions and teaching classes online,to share the lessons she’s learned while building an online empire.

On her personal blog,she has several topics and her recent “10 habits of successful bloggers”was just the kick in the butt that I needed to finish a project that had been simmering for almost 6 months (for shame,I know)

Her new site,The Untrained Housewife,managed to recruit over 100 new writers before it was even launched officially. Not only is she attracting writers,her theme is one most women can relate to. And relate,they do. Her writers interact with one another and have created a community,giving her site personality that shines through in each article.

Is there a future for web-writing moms?

So- the future of a smart and successful web writer can be very very bright. My own niche sites have proven to be profitable and every month I’m finding I have less and less work needs to be done at other people’s websites because my own sites are earning more as time passes.

But,do I still look for new writing opportunities? Every single day. And you should,too. Go set up your google alerts and use the words the company will be using “We pay writers”is a good place to start.

Set it up once,at Google Alerts and be notified EVERY time they find a page with that term. Place your term in quotation marks and be aware that there’s a difference between “we pay our writers”and “we pay writers”With quotation marks,it will only deliver pages with the EXACT match.

Good luck,I hope that tip helps you and I hope you check out Felicia and Angela’s sites for more helpful resources :)

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  • Speaking of Google Alerts…. Lol!

    Thank you so much for the mention! I wanted to clarify –I have a 5 year old,a 3 year old,a 17 month old and a bun in the oven. ;-) I think the confusion came in because I have younger siblings (ages 7-15) that I sometimes watch if Mom and Dad go out of town.

    You know I love you –you should be including yourself in the list above!

    Angela <

  • Good article,Lisa. I second Angelea (who I’ve discovered in the last month–really good stuff). I’ve learned a lot from you,too,and you’re on my must read list.

  • Lisa,I must have been under a rock for the past couple of months.

    Thanks for the write up on NJFM. Wow,you make me sound like I know what I’m doing. :) I’m going to have my kids read your post. They’re going to wonder if it’s really me you’re talking about.

    There are not many blogs that I follow daily (because I don’t want to inadvertently steal ideas),but I’ve got to get out a bit more. Yours is definitely a treasure chest.

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