How to Report a Website for Violating Adsense TOS

I landed on a website the other day that had like 5 Adsense blocks and several more link units. If you’re running Google’s Adsense on your site,you need to familiarize yourself with their terms of service because you’re only allowed to use three of each on a page. I’m glad I skimmed over them again because I thought it was 3 ad blocks period,but it’s up to three link units and up to three ad blocks. Not that I plan to add more ads to my site,I was just surprised to learn that I was wrong about the limits.

Anyway,familiarize yourself with the terms of service because it’s so very easy to report a website that’s violating the rules. I’m not planning to look for sites in violation,but when I stumble upon a site that’s competing with one of mine for a keyword,I will definitely be on the lookout for violations to report,it’s so very easy.

On the top of the adblock where it says “Ads by google”click on that phrase. On the page that comes up,it explains adsense a little,then asks you to report sites in violation. Once you get to the reporting form,it’s just a quick little checkbox form and the entire process takes about 2 minutes.

I won’t entertain a debate about whether or not it’s “nice”to do this. Rules are rules. It’s the site owner’s responsibility to make sure that they’re in compliance with the terms of their advertising campaigns. I have to do it,so do they. I had to switch one of my sites over to AdBrite because I didn’t realize I was breaking a Google rule. I survived,and so will the bozo I just reported. Furthermore,all of my sites are now in compliance,which is a good feeling. I should have read the rules before I started.

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