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I got a message from a facebook friend,asking me if I knew anything about Hubpages.  here’s my lazy-@$$ pasted answer:

I have an account there but I haven’t written anything yet.  It’s very similar to Squidoo in the way it’s laid out.  I have an account at Squidoo,too.  Both of those sites have writers create a lot of outbound links,so if you have written several articles on the same topic on other sites,you can create a hubpage or a squidoo lens,to link them all together.

From what I understand,the lenses and hubpages that do best are the ones with very long-string keyword titles (a keyword phrase of several words) like When Donald Duck,Bugs Bunny and Other Cartoon Characters Went to War,The functions of banks and Top 10 Hot Jobs in South Texas and The Rio Grande Valley.

The nice thing about both of these sites is that they allow you to mix up affiliate links and amazon product links with your other links,so readers never really know where they’re going but you’re likely to get paid for it.

On both sites you can look at their list of top performers,I learned a lot just from thumbing through their titles and looking at their articles.

I intend to create content at Squidoo in the near future,but knowing that hubpages is 60% makes me wonder what Squidoo’s percentage is.  There’s no reason you can’t do both.

An awesome thing about hubpages is that you can link to another author’s hubpage and get a percentage of the income from your clicks- like being a content affiliate. That’s a great incentive for linking to another author.

Go sign up on Squidoo- even if you don’t write anything now it’s cool,they’re not going anywhere. Then sign up on Hubpages, OK.

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