If you've been writing online for over a year,do this NOW

OK,after you read this,you will understand why I think you should have an annual meeting with yourself,to knock out this important task.  Ready?

So every year you’re writing these articles that are evergreen,yes,but also sometimes seasonal,right?  You’ve got  a handful of Valentine’s Day articles,a few back-to-school articles and whatever else.  Right?

  • Consolidate all the URLs into a mashup article and post-date it to appear on your blog at JUST the right time next year.
  • Go to SocialOomph.com and schedule post-dated tweets for your twitter account.
  • Download my FREE URLtracker spreadsheet to keep track of all your articles,their categories (think seasonal keywords) as well as reprints you’ve authorized.  This form will help you easily spot &search for articles to promote from within your own library.

Why let your seasonal articles get lost in the shuffle year after year?  Promote them annually,as part of an organized plan instead of just letting them rot away.  Creating inbound links to your older articles,from newer articles on the same website and on other websites (as permitted by TOS)  can help search engines know that the content is still relevant.

Currently,Suite101 won’t allow you to promote your offsite work,but other websites do.  Bukisa,Xomba,Examiner,Squidoo,Type-A-Mom and She Told Me all allow you to place links to your own offsite work within the articles.  Terms of service can change,though,so if the TOS has changed at any of these sites,please leave me a comment so I can change th text. As far as I know,all these sites still allow self-serving outbound links.

Except,the term self-serving is a bit off-the-mark because when readers click on a link,they’re not clicking on an ad.

If an annual meeting isn’t something you can schedule,then a monthly rundown might be smarter.  I sat down yesterday to fill in my spreadsheet,starting at Dec 2007 and made it as far as March 2008.  It took me like 6 hours.  So I have a lot of work to do,in order to bring the spreadsheet up-to-date.

I have mashup posts and daily tweets scheduled for October 2010-December 2010,though,to reflect the seasonal articles I wrote in 2007 that haven’t been promoted for years.  I wish I’d thought of this before :)

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