Important WordPress Plugins for Paid Blogging

I’ve been having a lot of fun making easy money with Blogsvertise,a paid blogging site. It’s easy to register,then add all of your URLS into their system,so advertisers can make you offers. Sometimes they want links,sometimes they want to post poorly written “guest blog”entries. Honestly,I don’t care what they want me to post,as long as it isn’t obscene or offensive. I have a few awesome plugins I use to keep the paid blogging situation under control…

Kontera WordPress Plugin

I have Kontera’s text-link ad system running on several of my sites. I also have Infolinks running on a few. The Kontera WordPress plugin allows me to disable the intext ads for all my sponsored posts. The terms of agreement with the post-sponsoring companies are that the post must stay on your site for 30 days,sometimes 90 days,depending which agency you’re using. Sometimes I delete the posts after they have matured,other times I don’t. I have no rhyme or reason,but I guess I should. Either way,using this plugin,I can specify that newer posts under x days old have no Kontera ads (thereby ensuring readers aren’t ambushed with ads on the latest articles and my paid post isn’t rejected due to the placement of additional ads) I chose to disable all ads in the sponsored category. I should have a more official policy on deleting paid posts,but I don’t. I’m not that organized. When I add new ones I tend to peek for mature sponsored posts to delete. I guess that’s a system,right?

Advanced category Excluder
This allows me to keep the sponsored posts off of my RSS feed. As a matter of fact,I’m also using it to keep this very post available ONLY through RSS and direct link. I wouldn’t want paid advertisers to come here &see that they’ve been swindled. It isn’t exactly swindling- they’re advertising here so they can get a dofollow link from a PR3 site. And they’re getting one. Search engines still crawl the page that has their post. But I definitely don’t want my regular readers to think that I’d let such a lame guest-post exist,or that I really think sports equipment is a big deal.

So this plugin allows you to exclude certain categories from- RSS feed,home page navigation,archiving,search engine indexing,widgets and site search. It also has some functions for links,but I haven’t explored that. the setup is easy- categories don’t show up unless there’s a post in them. So I had to go to an older post and add the ‘sponsored”category to the post,then go back into the plugin setup to exclude the category,then when I added my sponsored post,it was excluded right away. Then,I went back to the older post and removed the sponsored designation.

In order to make this post only visible to my subscribers,I have excluded its category from the homepage and made sure it was visible to RSS subscribers.

So which wordpress plugins do you find most beneficial for paid blogging? Don’t tell me you’re not getting paid to blog? that’s one of the coolest things about niche blogging,once your site reaches a decent PR,you can get paid to post things sometimes. Visit this company to get started. They send you emails every time you have a new task. You can take the task or reject it,you can also ask for more money and set a minimum. I set my minimum at like $10 and so far I’ve gotten at least 10 offers each week. Can’t beat that :) And some of them are for $20 posts. It’s so much fun :)

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