In Defense of Schizophrenia in the Online Workplace

So- I found a great website about working at home.  The articles were informative,relevant and interesting.  I decided to follow the site’s owner on twitter,because there was an icon in the sidebar.

Once I saw her twitter homepage,though,I changed my mind.

Her twitterstream was filled with horrific news stories,not helpful work-at-home information.

It was almost as if she’d tweeted everything she read on CNN that day.  Dead babies,rape,murder,corporate/government interaction and all the other terrible things in the news.

So this lady had an excellent website,but her twitterstream showed an entirely different picture. I wonder if I’m the only one who’s opted out of her network for that reason.  I wonder if CNN is paying her for tweeting everything she reads?  Doesn’t CNN have their own twitter account?

See for yourself:

MyWorkatHomeResources and the owner’s Twitter Account HomeBizPGH

I used to feel silly operating several different twitter accounts for different websites,but I have no reason to believe that any of my readers will have the exact same interests as I do.  In fact,I am sure that some of my writing-related tweets are bothersome to my homeschooling friends.  And I also got a strict talking-to from one of my followers for participating in a twitter-based #blogchat.

So- online Schizophrenia seems to be in order.  Lisa Shea,of Bella Online,has managed to create several twitter identities that keep her name branded while still keeping a consistent stream of content.  For example,her wine-related tweets are separate from her tech-related tweets. There’s no reason to believe that any reader would want both.

So- are you schizophrenic enough online? Maybe you should be.

*Disclaimer;I’m not making fun of people with multiple personality disorders. In fact,to be precise,I don’t even think they’re disorders,but that’s a deep philosophical and spiritual situation that has no place on a writing site :)

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