New Freelance Writing Opp- On Facebook???

Imagine that- a freelance writing money-making application on facebook. It’s new,I can tell that there are conflicts between the writers and the editors (name a relationship more doomed?)

Anyway- here it is,have you ever come across a TERRIBLE WEBSITE?  Where everything is spelled wrong,or the English is poorly translated?  That’s what this is all about. CloudCrowd is designed so that you can edit poorly written websites,for pay.

The signup is ridiculously easy.

The incoming link I got sent me straight to a facebook app. I hate apps. I hate it when things are automatically put up on my wall. I hesitated. Did I really want to see

“Lisa just edited a porn site from Taiwan and earned $2.50 USD”
Dad:where did we go wrong?
Mom:It was your …

See,mixing work and facebook should only occur on MY terms,know what I mean?

So- after checking out the group page,I decided to google them. GREAT- the signup spot on their own domain directs right to the facebook group.

So I allowed access and was immediately brought to a job list screen.

It reminded me of Amazon Mturk Hits,but easier to navigate and there were only 3 jobs.  I chose a $1.42 website edit. This better be quick.

It wasn’t,the site had no content and my computer battery died. So now,1/2 an hour and a grilled cheese sandwich later.

Anyway,according to their FAQ,and the gal who referred me,they pay THE NEXT DAY via paypal.

So I’m back,trying another task,all I need to do is read a paragraph and then grade it. Most of them suck.

I’m not sure how much can really be made here. I plan to peek back every now and then and see if I can make this nickel grow.

Check it out for yourself at CloudCrowd on Facebook. My referral URL is,and they do give me a bonus for referring people,which is cool. you can do that,too.

UPDATE - So I’ve been doing a few more jobs,it’s been fairly easy just editing bad English. I’m almost at $10. It’s mindless,mostly and a refreshing break from DS at the moment.

UPDATE 10/10/09- They totally lied about paying me the next day because I got paid THE SAME DAY. Maybe it’s a time-zone thing (I’m on the west coast) who knows,I just think it’s FANTASTIC. I reviewed the entire website and outlined the jobs and the whole experience HERE –Click to read about the experience.

UPDATE –3/27/11OK,so I haven’t done anything for Cloud Crowd in a very very long time,but I’m happy to report that they’re still in business and still paying on the same day. I have a friend who makes about $50 a day doing small tasks. Over the past (how long has it been?) They have added video tagging tasks and other different kinds of ways to make money and I’d STILL vouch for this company,so check them out…

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