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OK,this one isn’t new and I can’t even say that it’s new to me. I signed up for Constant Content apparently in November of 2008. I’m not sure what the process was like (is it a sign-up or an application? I don’t remember) All I know is that I kept getting these emails every now and then with the subject line “New public request:_______”

Out of curiosity,I asked around at the forum and I really liked the sound of what I heard. It helps,too,that the email I opened up had a price offering of $35-$40 for 500 word articles.

Apparently you write on spec (not something I recommend often) and the buyers get to choose from completed works. In addition to responding to public requests you can place your articles (already written) for sale on the site which sells either usage rights,unique rights or full rights (for different prices,of course)

A CC writer explained

“You set the prices for your articles based on usage (purchasing the rights to use,but not exclusively),unique ( exclusively use with author’s byline and can’t be changed),or full rights (article becomes full property of purchaser.) Only with usage rights can a person sell the same article over and over again. This is especially good with top ten lists and little bloggable entries like that.”

I got some great advice from writers who’d experienced success with the site:

  • Don’t respond to public requests for obscure topics because if the original client doesn’t pick up the article then the odds of it selling are unlikely
  • Respond to public requests quickly and understand the rejection rate is high.  I seem to get 3-4 of these requests a day. They’re available in my email or my CC inbox
  • CC pays monthly,via PayPal and- THIS IS IMPORTANT- 35% of the income from the sale goes to CC.  That,in my opinion is very steep,compared to bid-for-work sites that charge less than 10%.  So when you price your articles (yes,YOU set the price) keep in mind that you only get about 2/3 of the money.
  • You can use a pen name
  • The “recently sold”tab allows you to see what kind of content is selling the best
  • Review times for non-requested articles can take up to 10 days. Apparently there’s only one or two editors and if they ask for an edit,the instructions can be vague (check your grammar)  Substandard work is not tolerated
  • Apparently the onsite forums at CC are VERY helpful (hooray)

One writer claims to consistently sell 10% of her work each month,and that most clients opt for the usage rights (which can be resold infinitely)

Another writer states that

You have to have flawless copy or it will not be approved

Another writer says

The reason I “love”it is because of the way it is set up. You write what you want,when you want to,and offer it for sale at the usage of your choice (use rights,exclusive,or full) and set your own price.

It gives you the chance to write about the things you find interesting,write about something when the inspiration strikes,etc. and then actually have a decent paying outlet where it can be considered by a potential buyer.
Once you post something,your writing is available and might sell at any given time,and you have to do absolutely nothing! No queries,no bidding,no accepting insulting offers because you feel like you have no other choice . . .

CC’s Writer’s guidelines are VERY easy to digest The site also accepts photo and video submissions

Anyhow- if you currently have articles at Constant Content,feel free to add your comment below. I can’t wait to start responding to come public requests.  I also plan to check the guidelines to see if I’m allowed to sell usage rights for some of my Suite 101 articles that have matured (can’t republish for 1 year)

Sign up for Constant Content to see what the excitement is all about

EDITED on 5-28-10 to add the following:

So far my experience has been very fast review for non-requested articles,I submitted 3 that were reviewed within a few hours,not slow at all.

I can confirm vague editorial response,and I’m not complaining about it.  If you can’t figure out what you did wrong then write somewhere where editors hold your hand,this isn’t high school.

They’re serious about Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font.  REJECTION- based upon my font,apparently.  OK,I get it.  Not really,but I’ll work with it.

I love that they offer up guidelines for pricing.  I had an article set at $25 when I peeked at the recommendation and saw that it should be $60 for usage rights,based on the word count.  Fair enough,I’ll play your silly font games for that :)

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