Nonsense comments filled with praise


Do you get these? Here are a few I’ve gotten lately. I’ll tell you what they’re all about in a minute…

I just supposed i’d write and let you realize your blogs is useful for unveiled the beneficial hidden knowledge.I certainly love your weblog.Nicely,the post is in simple fact the top on this  worth when subject. I concur together with your results and will desperately look forward for your forthcoming messages. Just simply saying thanks won’t just be sufficient,for the unparalleled lucidity in your guidelines. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay updated of any updates.Reliable efforts and a good deal being successful inside your operate and business enterprise interests.Automatically keep up the fantastic deliver the results.Thank you.

Wow.  It’s easy to be flattered when I see that finally someone appreciates the  “unparalleled lucidity”in my guidelines. Is this some kind of joke? A few years ago,I would have assumed it was from someone who didn’t speak English very well. Today,I know better.

What makes it so obvious that the comment is SPAM?

  • The commenter’s inability to communicate in English
  • Excessive compliments on a rather mundane topic
  • The fact that their URL was listed as something like buy cheap viagra online

It all adds up to SPAM. Here are a few other ones I’ve received lately:

This is very good article,I am very interested in its topic and read them was a pleasure.

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks

Cool posting man,I incredibly like the look plus the feel of this kind of site. You write genuinely well,you just need to be a knowledgable guy. Will without a doubt come back

This has definitely sparked up an concept in my thoughts. This really is a wonderful website publish.

I find these bogus compliments amusing. I once wrote a post about analyzing blog stats and received,from one of these geniuses,a three paragraph comment of praise,all about how much of an inspiration I am,and how generous it is for such a busy businessman to devote so much time and energy into helping the less fortunate.

These people are paid to sit in cybercafes in a third world country,creating backlinks to someone’s (poorly written) niche blog or directly to an affiliate product. Some bozo buys software that collects the submit code for the comment fields and these guys copy and paste their useless comments into as many blogs as they can (sometimes the tool allows them to submit to several in one swoop),in an effort to get their spam website ranked higher in the SERPS,or even create incoming traffic when people click on their link. The comments are nonsense for a few reasons.

  • They’re not really in response to your post (even though you really are awesome)
  • The original author probably doesn’t speak English
  • The comment is “spun”several times,replacing random words with their synonyms until they no longer make sense
  • Sometimes they’re just a bunch of random URL’s,without any comment text
  • Sometimes the commenter’s name is actually listed as “Asian models”or “Paxil refunds”or “Cheap Rolex watches”

Excessive praise is often SPAM.  You know your posts,you know your style.  Some posts easily lend themselves to excessive praise.  “How I saved my daughter’s life”and “Why I became a marriage coach”are two such titles that might inspire readers to heap praises upon you.  “How to strip the paint off your barstools”and “Easy mac and cheese recipes”are probably not things that will change a reader’s life.    If you get a strange comment with excessive praise,you might want to mark it as SPAM.  I know you LOVE getting comments,and having one lame comment might feel better than having nothing,but  it’s not.  And deep inside,you know it.  With WordPress,you can edit or remove the URL from the comment and approve it anyway if you want.  Sometimes that can be funny.  You can also change the URL,if that’s your style.  You could possibly use it to create incoming links to your own articles and be your own spammer.  You could even respond to your bogus commenter for the amusement of your readers.

But you have to do something.  You can’t reward their spam-linking efforts by leaving their comment intact. Linking away to crappy sites can bring down your ranking,too.  And it doesn’t serve your readers,does it?  Even if it’s a nofollow link,you look like a loser in Google’s eyes (and mine) for linking to garbage.

The dofollow sites I own tend to get more junk-spam-comments than the nofollow sites. Akismet blocks most of them,but not all.

I have my sites set up so that regular readers’comments are automatically approved. Whenever I log in to add content,I check the pending comments. I also have them sent to my email so that I can approve the good ones instantly.

Anyway- what’s the funniest SPAM comment you have received?

2 comments to Nonsense comments filled with praise

  • Hi Lisa! Totally agree with you.. I got plenty of these before I installed Akismet on the new site.. The funniest was “You write so well. Google should rank this post higher. Put this post on Page 1″Yeah,right! I wish. :-)

  • I’ve been tricked! LOL! I’ve been getting a lot of these comments too Lisa. Some are obviously spam,but others I questioned. But,after reading this article I just went through a bunch of my comments and got rid of more! You are right,I dont want these spammers to have their links on my blog!

    Here’s one I got recently:Thanks you very much for your suggestions actually this is under contraction it will be updated immediatelynew weight loss


    Saved your site. Appreciation for discussing. Surely well worth time clear of my personal weight loss

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