note to self:never publish this

I keep a page with this title on each one of my sites,saved as a draft or password protected. I use it as a general “things to do next”and a place to document the invisible work I’ve done on the site. It’s amazing that I can remember what each of my six kids wore to Grandma’s birthday party in 2007,but I can’t  remember what articles I was planning to put on each site.

Each of my niche sites has a specific set of keywords they target initially,then as they grow I add new clusters of keywords (visualize Google’s wonder wheel,sort of)

As I look through my statcounter reports,sometimes I change my “plan”and choose to develop a different aspect of the site.  This all gets documented on the “note to self”page.

Whenever I stumble upon a site that makes me say “Wow- this is good stuff,I can use this as a resource for my site”I add the URL to an annotated listing that tells me exactly what I liked about it (because I do forget.  “Why did I bookmark this?”)

I used to use a physical notebook for planning,and I still do to some extent,but when I’m visiting a site in order to add content,I find it easier to just consult my note,which I also use to keep track of the time I spend working on each site (like a time clock)

So- do you have any silly organizational strategies for managing blogs on multiple topics?

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