Philosophical Niche Blogger Battle

And I don’t mean to use the word “battle”in a war-like sense,I just mean that there are two different philosophies niche bloggers should be aware of,and maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right,but the speculation is interesting. And I want to add mine so that there’s really three.

OK so today Willow and Violet (Why am I the only one with a boring name?) were discussing the idea that Google tracks the adsense IDs of contributors to bookmarking sites like Xomba and SheToldMe.

(I could name more,but I won’t because Willow named like 30 of them. Dayumm- see we were all secretly afraid she had died or something because she stopped blogging about writing,stopped hanging out on the message boards and her last twitter tweet was a few months ago and she wasn’t feeling very good,so we were sure she kicked the bucket. At least,I was. I even researched the matter,checking out her local newspaper for articles of a purple haired lady in a car accident,but it was nothing fo the sort. She was just busy working instead of TALKING about it.)

Anyway she’s alive and kicking butt. Her writing blog is updated and anyway she has 30 of those bookmarking sites.

Check them out.

But first,read Violet’s strategy,whereby she believes that incoming links that come from pages with the the same adsense account ID are looked upon with less favor than adsense linked pages from a different account.

Very good point,Violet.

I want to add to that caution,that I think incoming links that are all created in the first few hours of an article’s life might also carry less weight.

For example,today I publish an article about toy boats on my boat website.

Google comes to scan and sees that my new article already has 4 incoming links (none are from toy-boat-expert sites) and it’s only an hour old. Doesn’t that look fishy? Unless it keeps accumulating incoming links every few hours,the first ones will likely not carry as much weight as they would if they had popped up every few months or weeks.

So lately I have been making Squidoo lenses and blogspot blogs to link directly to my older articles,to give them a boost.

I try to make sure that the outgoing links aren’t ALL to Suite101 or eHow.
I try to also include the work of my friends and fellow writers,when relevant,so that the outgoing links look balanced.

SO- what do you think. It is silly or paranoid to worry about creating a bunch of incoming links from pages with your adsense ID or do you think it’s smart? Do you think it’s silly or paranoid to be concerned with the timing of incoming link creation? Or should we just forget about creating incoming links altogether and just trust that the good stuff will attract its own incoming links?

Keep in mind that when you write for Suite101,Bukisa,Assocaited Content,examiner,DS or eHow,your adsense ID isn’t included in the coding,but when you write for social bookmarking sites,like Xomba,SheToldme or any of the 30+ others,your adsense ID is encoded into the pages.

Are multi-adsense-user-domains looked upon as a plus or a minus,in terms of incoming links. I mean,does my adsense monetized blogspot blog (with my adsense ID) carry less weight than my blurb on a site like Xomba (with millions of blurbs and outgoing links) compared to sites like The Untrained Housewife or Type A Mom which has TONS of links,with very few outgoing links,only a small fraction of which have my adsense user ID embedded?

And perhaps your entire body of work is looked at as one and all of the incoming links to Anything of yours can add to the credibility of everything you do,so one day maybe it won’t even go by the rank of the domain,it will go by the rank of the adsense account? Who knows? There are just too many possibilities.

Shoot,my head is spinning,for a minute,I missed waitressing.

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  • Age does matter according to my ‘teachers’. So it is a good idea not to build lots of links on day one. Spread them out over time.

    Also,you can sign up on Xomba and other sites and just not add your Adsense pub id to avoid Google connecting the dots. I actually have 2 Xomba accounts. One hosts all the ehow type links and uses my adsense. The other links back to my niches.

    Google keeps their methods secret so it’s hard to say for sure why/how/when/if they do anything. However,they are pretty clear that they don’t like internet marketers so I think it’s probably a good idea to not leave a trail.

    Niche Momma

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