Q- How much time should you spend promoting your articles?

A- none.

I know there are advocates out there for massive article-promotion campaigns,but I’m not one of them and I’ll tell you why.

#1- your article is REALLY only interesting to a few people- people who SEARCH google,yahoo,bing,etc for that information. If your SEO is on target,they will find it. Period.

#2- All those diggs and reddits and retweets don’t often translate into increased advertising revenue. If you’re “writing for fun”then you really might enjoy the traffic,but if you’re writing for income,then it’s irrelevant. You’re wasting your time.

#3- People who sit around all day READING other people’s articles and blogs,giving and receiving social networking stuff- don’t have much time to WRITE.

#4- You don’t get paid more for having people LIKE your articles. Even the coveted Editor’s choice or new-heart-thing at Suite101 won’t result in higher income. I’ve said it before,eHow comments and stars do NOT result in higher income. It is a WASTE OF TIME.

Please do yourself a favor and learn more about SEO. Write articles that ATTRACT their own traffic and make money on their own merit,instead of relying on your social network to help you “get attention”for your work.

If you want to build incoming links,build links you GET PAID FOR instead of incoming links that WASTE YOUR TIME. Hubpages,a Squidoo Lens,a Xomblurb, an eHow or even a Bukisa article can be written ABOUT your article (or the topic) using an alternate or similar set of keywords.

There’s a time and place for social networking,and promoting your own nonfiction articles shouldn’t be time-consuming.

All I do is…Auto-tweet my RSS feeds from every site I write for. It takes just a few minutes per feed to set up. My eHows aren’t currently included because they don’t have RSS feeds.

Sometimes- I add a link to my facebook status. I can never think of a status.  Lisa is “nursing and therefore on the computer- what’s new?”

Spend more time writing than promoting.

The only exception would be non-optimized Blogs. The stuff you write from the heart.  AND- you’ll get way more attention by leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs,guest-posting,participating in Mr Linky things and including the blog in your signature for message forums and emails than any old digg you dugg up yourself. If the content is trulyawesome,someone other than you will notice.

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