Right on schedule…

Today I officially published my first actual book. With my name on it.  I can’t even count how many ebooks and physical books I’ve ghost-written over the past few years.  I was always surprised by how much actual work goes into them and watching my work rise on the sales charts with someone else’s name on it was bittersweet.  But whatever.


So today I tasked myself with finishing a project I started for a client a few years ago.  He decided he was unable to pay for the rest of the book,so I finished it without him and published it on Kindle today.  It should go live on CreateSpace soon,so readers can order printed copies of this.


When I published the romance books,I had someone else do the formatting and layout. This time,I did it myself and Whoa my goodness,what a royal pain that was.  It looks one way on my laptop,another way on my phone,another way on my kindle,another way on the iPad and an entirely different way on the kindle cloud reader.


In the end,I gave up.  Literally.  I just said “fuck it”and published.  I’m done.  It’s 5pm,I’m clocking out.  Except I’m not really clocking out,just moving on to the next project.


So here it is…Gluten Free Pregnancy


For the record,the magic tool that enabled me to get this done so quickly is called Scrivener. I absolutely love it and I already have all of my projects (a gluttonous 12 right now) loaded into Scrivener. When i was watching a tutorial,I saw the funniest tweet about Scrivener and I totally agree with,it said something to the effect of “I want to marry scrivener and have its little organized babies.”Scrivener is insanely organized and so easy to use. If you can sit through tutorial videos,that is. I went through the Scrivener quick-start tutorial and I got as far as step 5D before I gave up. I watched a 2 hour video tutorial (played it in the background while I tended to other tasks) and as I was working,I checked youtube for specific instructions to specific issues I was having. So there’s a learning curve,you can’t just jump right in and feel the magic. But once you do,it’s amazing. I love Scrivener. So much

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)


I used a coupon code WINTERFEST2015 to get a 25% discount and you can too. And besides,there’s like a free 30-use trial (not 30 days,30 uses so every time you open it it ticks another one off the count. That’s how they got me. I downloaded it a few months ago and I hate when free trials are on a timer because I wouldn’t have had the chance to actually use it if it had been 30 days counting.

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Today was a success. I’m off of work until Sunday,so I’ve got a little more left in me during this run. Happy Wednesday to you :)

2 comments to Right on schedule…

  • Okay,so I have Scrivener and am sick of having my projects be all over Explorer in different folders,although once you go to publish you do have to have some of that for covers and stuff.

    1. Can you save cover PDFs and such in Scrivener in your specific book project?
    2. Is it EASY to make it into a Kindle book or then grab it and format it for CreateSpace?

    I am so excited,as I also have about a dozen book ideas! You rock! I am so proud of you and am tweeting your new project now!

  • mrshannigan

    1- Yes,you can but CreateSpace and Kindle both ask you to upload the covers separately.
    2- yes,it’s so easy. I can’t remember the steps yet so I always have to google it but it’s always easy and quick

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