Saved by the [browser,bell]

Ok- that weird symbol thing in the title can be explained. When a client asks you to “spin”an article,you’re supposed to give them interchangeable words in brackets,so that they can turn your article into an infinite number of identical-ish articles just by spinning it.

Here’s an example:

I went to the mall today,the weather was [rainy,sunny,glorious,gloomy] and I didn’t mind being inside. I got the most adorable [hat,coat,jacket,purse,shoes] and I think I’ll wear them to the [swine flu convention,reunion,family dinner,homeschool convention] next month.

Note that spun articles don’t often make much sense,but the clients who buy them usually don’t speak much English. You can tell because they will say

”I want you to write me spin article- you must make article spin with [option A,option B] like this. Please do for me in good way. If I like you then I want maybe you do more spin article me,OK.”

Sometimes they want you to use a vertical line | instead of a comma.

Anyways,and I think I may regret not making this into two posts. Here,maybe a bold subheading will help.

Saved by the Browser

Firefox allows me to open all the bookmarks in a single folder at once. last week I spent about 1/2 hour bookmarking the different “categories”of message boards I frequent. I have about 4 folders,something like this:
“places I go to talk about homeschooling”
“places I go to network with other wahm writers”
“places I go to network with other wordpress lovers”
“places I go to learn”

So now- in an instant,I can open up all the boards at once,and be done faster. Here’s another thing I do- I skim the headlines,open the ones I need in a new tab and then CLOSE the main one. I love using tabs,I hate the back button. Once I’ve responded,I close the tab and never even get distracted by immediate responses or something that wasn’t interesting at first.

Later today,I should probably make one “places I work”or perhaps “places i SHOULD be working.

Saved by the Bell

The amazing Willow,whose sidebar-reporting idea I promptly STOLE (see my sidebar) has led me to another fantastic idea. It’s actually a tool,it’s a virtual egg timer that sits on your desktop. How many times have you said “OK,I will be done with this in 5 minutes”or how about “You can use my computer for ten minutes,and then I need it back.”

Download the egg timer. I used to use a REAL egg timer to keep myself productive and it worked. I wonder what ever happened to it.

Who cares- this little program is genius. I’ve been way more productive today.

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