Scheduling for WAHMs

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Scheduling is so important when you have 6 kids and work from home. Here’s what I do that works:

Be flexible
sounds kind of contradictory to a schedule,but the best laid plans have to allow for interruptions and inspirations.

First things First
I begin each day with work,usually at 4 or 5a.m. It used to be my “me”time,and I’d use it for sending thank-you cards,reading a favorite book,or browsing favorite websites. Now,I use it for work. Since I am writing again,and that’s what brings me joy,I find it appropriate. Once the kids begin to stir,I start making breakfast (big and hot) while they get dressed and make their beds. Their “first things first”is math,followed by the rest of their schoolwork. We have ‘landmark times”throughout our day. Lunch is served at noon and no one eats unless their morning jobs and math are finished. Snack is served at 2pm and no one eats unless all of their schoolwork and chores are done. Dinner is served at 7pm and no one eats unless (you guessed it) chores are finished and room is clean. After diner,the older kids have a turn on the computer while the middle &little ones take baths and get ready for bed. We read bedtime stories,and they go to sleep. If I have any spunk left in me at all,(I usually do) I get back on the computer for just a little more work (I love it,really I do.)

So- a schedule can bring rhythm to your day,but doesn’t have to be restrictive.

Within our days,we have inner schedules,I have certain writing assignments I work on each day of the week,certain days for certain blogs,and jobs that simply MUST be done before I check my Myspace. I have a certain “daily dollar”goal which is getting increasingly easy to meet. But the basic outline of our day is a flexible schedule that allows for field trips,road trips and sick days.

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