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I use a mini laptop,so I don’t have a lot of screen space. In exchange,I get to take my computer everywhere my busy lifestyle needs me.  I have six kids who are always wanting to go to a friend’s house,to tap dancing classes,jazz,singing,drama,the library,girl scouts,science club,sleepovers,homeschool co-op,roller skating,meet friends at the mall,meet friends at the park and that’s just THEIR errands. I have a few of my own,too. So for me,a mini laptop computer is really the best option.  Nevermind that I only get ten inches of screen space.

Because of the small screen space,I prefer to browse with Google’s Chrome Browser.  It’s clean and unobtrusive. After switching over from Firefox,though,I missed all the plugins and optional toolbars I’d grown accustomed to using.  Most of all,I missed the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox because I could use it casually,as I’m browsing,to spot important information to use as I built my niche blogs.  For example,if I discover that a competitor is ranking highly for a keyword because there’s little or no competition,I can target those keywords for an easy win on the SERPs. Also,I can spot new incoming links to my site without relying on WordPress to tell me (because WordPress misses most of them)  If I stumble across something compelling with a dofollow comment section,I can be sure to participate in the discussion.  There’s just a million things you can do with good SEO tool plugins.  I had a few on my Firefox and today I finally got around to adding SEO Quake for Chrome to my Google browser.  It added a toolbar automatically,which minimizes my screen space.  The toolbar closes easily,though,with just a click on the X instead of having to navigate through drop-down menu settings.

On the toolbar,it shows the Google Page Rank,the number of incoming links (google and yahoo),webarchive historical data for the domain(AWESOME FEATURE),Whois data,SEMRush rank,keyword density,incoming and outgoing links,Alexa rank,Delicious index,and a lot more…

One change it made that took a while to get used to was altering the way I see search results.  Not only do I get to see this information about sites I’m browsing,but I also get to see it whenever I search.

That is a good thing because I can learn to spot opportunities easier.

If I’m looking for “writing websites that pay weekly”and I search for that term and discover that the top of the results page is a site with no ranking,then I can easily make it to the top of the SERPS.  So Whenever I’m looking for something (because I’m a research junkie,I love investigating and learning new things) I can turn what I’m learning into an article and already know whether or not I can create a high ranking article on the topic.

So- what are your favorite SEO plugins for the Google Chrome browser?  Are there any IE or Firefox plugins that make it worthwhile to switch browsers?  Does Safari even HAVE plugins?

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