Sites that Pay Via Adsense

(meaning that your check comes FROM google,not the website)

The Google Adsense API is open for approved web developers,so that they can split the revenue from your articles with you. Every time a reader clicks on an ad,you get half (or another percentage) of the income and the developer gets the other half.

Advantage- their sites are already developed and bringing in traffic,you can often link to your websites or other work and they’re usually really good about working with you to help you learn SEO tactics. They are interested in your success,and help you learn to drive traffic to the site,often give incentives for inviting friends and generally have the attitude that a spirit of togetherness benefits everyone. Finally,you don’t have to mess with coding.

Disadvantage- Often,you don’t know what that percentage is,the site may be populated with very low quality articles and you’re splitting the revenue,so you COULD be making double with your own site. You have very little control over the look of the site,or the security.

Another way web developers share revenue with writers is by splitting ad impressions,meaning that half of the time readers will see “your”ads and the other half of the time they’ll see the developer’s ads.

Advantage and Disadvantge:You could potentially make more than the developer,since you get 100% of the revenue from half of the impressions.  It’s a crapshoot. Potentially,none of your impressions might lead to clicks and the developer would “get lucky”more often than you do. It’s tough to say,there’s no way to know for sure.

Advantage:Once again,there’s usually a hidden “community”of writers dedicated to promoting their articles (and in turn yours because the whole site benefits from increased traffic) Some of these writers will be helping others learn to improve upon their work.

Disadvantage:A minimal or non-existent editorial staff means that your work may be placed alongside articles that are factually incorrect,against your spiritual or philosophical perspective,or just plain stupid. 

Here are a few sites that pay via adsense,I invite you to add more

InfoBarrel,In the words of Kathy,who commented on my post “Sites that Pay Writers Weekly

InfoBarrel is another site that shares 75% of ad sense revenue on your article pages. The payments go right to your adsense account,so you’ll need to set that up with google and get a publisher ID to enter in your infobarrel account.

TypeAmom shares page impressions with writers,as does The Untrained Housewife

HotelsByCity has two programs,their city bloggers section allows you to get paid a percentage of your adclicks,while the hotel reviews are paid monthly,at $5 each. In the blog section,you can place outgoing links,so you should probably link to and post pictures of whatever local attractions you’ve visited,and link to your other work on the topic.

Xomba is probably the ugliest website on the internet. It makes Crqaigslist look like Asian minimalism (instead of uninspired blah) Just got some kind of makeover,I’m so confused. I wish I could show you a screen shot of how it used to look. Wow. Anyways,Mia Carter,a Suite101 writer,got me hooked on this site for a while. What she does,is to create a “Xomblurb”which is a little sentence that introduces readers to the article,and is followed by a link to the article. Here’s the Xomblurb for this article.

To track those earnings,go to your adsense account,click on “Adsense setup—>channels—>URLchannels—>add new URL channels”and then simply enter the URL for your xomblurb into the input field. You can input several at a time,so you might just want to copy each of them into a notepad or .txt file and then just make one trip to google.

I don’t think that these sites are a good career focus. Period. Although in the long term,they may still make more than print magazines IF the websites stay in business. These websites work well creating incoming links to your other work,giving you “clips”you can use when applying for work at larger websites and for the income generated by referrals when your sister-in-law says “How the heck are you making all this money?”

FINALLY- consider this,If you happened to click over to the Xomblurb I mentioned,you might be seeing double-underlined links throughout my blurb. Those are text-link advertisements. I didn’t put them there and I don’t get a dime when people click on them. So these websites have monetized their site in several ways and are just sharing SOME of the site’s revenue with writers. Food for thought.

More food for thought…Some writers are suggesting you either open your Xomba or SheKnows account without entering your adsense ID because the piddly amount of income generated doesn’t justify the potential for google to see that both articles have the same adsense ID and negating them or knocking them down in rank for being SPAM. An alternative would be to use your husband’s Adsense ID number.

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