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  • Kathy Hauser

    is another site that shares 75% of ad sense revenue on your article pages. The payments go right to your adsense account,so you’ll need to set that up with google and get a publisher ID to enter in your infobarrel account.

  • Morpheus

    Demand Studios is great if you like being a rat in a cage. Don’t do it. You’ve been warned–just not worth the trouble.

    • “You’ve been warned”“A rat cage”whatever- if you don’t like it,just don’t write there,that’s all. It’s hardly a rat cage,cages LOCK. I LOVE DS,I love that I can invent my own income and get paid directly for my effort. If you don’t like freedom,move on.

  • I write for a site called Personal Money Store. It pays you via PayPal or Google Check Out every Monday or Tuesday. Just got paid this past Monday. It’s a Payday Loan site,but your articles are just required to have a money or finance-related theme to them. You can paid from as little as 1 cent per article to $25 per article.

    Simply go to their site,then scroll to the bottom and click on the tab that says freelance writing.

  • Morpheus

    OK…so why were you on this site? Oh and by the way,were you paid this past week or the week before,unlike most of DS writers in the supposed “technical glitch”? It was all over the forum,so I was not the only one. If you don’t know what crap is,and you’re really,really hungry,you just might convince yourself to eat it and never know the distance. Again,to the masses,you’ve been warned. Stay away…very far away.

    • why were you on what site? Sorry I didn’t understand what that first question was about. (In reference to your sentence “OK…so why were you on this site?) Also- I get paid from DS every Tuesday and Friday. They have only missed one payment,it was during the week when they first switched over to twice-weekly payments. A technical glitch seems like a very likely reason but it didn’t really bother me because I wasn’t even expecting a 2nd check that week. To be honest,I’d rather weekly instead of twice weekly. I get a rush from seeing $1000 deposits and it’s pretty hard to rack up that much twice a week.

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