Suite101 Scam

Every time I go to type Suite101 into the address bar of my Google Chrome browser,automatic search suggestions appear and the first one is always “Suite 101 scam.” It bothers me because I am so grateful for the badass income I get from Suite 101 for what amounts to VERY minimal work. I’m also grateful for the excellent education they provide for SEO training.

So I decided to ACTUALLY search for “Suite101 scam”and see what comes up.  The results were a smattering of reviews from other websites.  Some were objective,some were  downright lies. The most amusing one was on hubpages and I’m absolutely not providing a link to it,because I don’t want to increase its ranking. I also regret leaving a comment because Google’s new May Day algorithm update interprets extra comments as a good thing.

One of my favorite discoveries was a message board on Writer’s Digest where a woman decided not to write for Suite101 because it was her intention to repost duplicate content from elsewhere and Suite requires original content. A man commented that it makes you wonder “who’s scamming who?”

Which made me think a bit…I’m a FW so I’m supposed to write 4 articles a month,right?  Each one takes me about an hour,including keyword research and image searching,so 4 hours a month,right?  This month I expect to bring in around $700,so that’s $175 an hour.  Oh my goodness,I’m making $175 an hour,I am totally scamming Suite101.  I wonder if they know.  They’re paying me and I’m probably not even dressed.  Plus- I use the SEO lessons they’ve taught me on other websites.. shhhhhhh.. don’t tell.  See,I’m totally scamming Suite101.

So the entire purpose of this post is to attempt to nudge away some of the inaccurate portrayals of Suite 101 being a scam.  Suite101 rocks.  But in order to accomplish this goal- we need LOTS of comments,lots of “shares”and tweets of this post and incoming links (I know,I’m shameless,right?)

So tell me- is Suite101 a scam,or are you scamming  Let me know who is scamming who and feel free to blog about YOUR scam experiences,hen add your link in my comments.  have fun :)

13 comments to Suite101 Scam

  • MBZ

    Well,Lisa,something you wrote triggered me to start writing for Suite101 last fall,so if it’s a scam you led me to it! I’m breaking $1,000 in rev this month there (with fewer than 200 articles) and while I don’t track my hours,I just took a 2-week vacation (wrote 2 articles during it) and earned nearly $400 for doing those 2 articles and nothing else at *all* on the site for those 2 weeks.

    If this is a scam then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lead me to more scams like this!

  • Aww Mel,I’m so glad to hear you’re kicking butt there :) If I can find any more scams,I will definitely let you know. A scam like Suite101 doesn’t come along every day ;)

  • cn

    You guys are so full of it LMAO suite101 is a joke. I recently made them remove my name from their site.

    • Sucks that you didn’t prosper there,but that doesn’t mean that the site itself is a joke. Perhaps it just means that it’s not a good fit for you. It works for me,numbers don’t lie.

  • MBZ

    Sour grapes never taste good.

  • Daniella

    Hmmm. I just got accepted as a writer. I think I am going to go for it. I am in academia and I am used to writing for free most of the time,so this should be fun!

  • Bernard

    I just got accepted as well and I’m hoping I get enough hits. Hope people like ready about the tropical island of Saipan!

  • Kate

    MBZ- With all due respect,how do we know you’re not just someone who is paid to promote Suite 101 and draw away from it’s doubts and negativity? I just signed up with them and I find the fact that I recieved an automatic response as an acceptance letter instead of a personal letter and the fact that Im expected to give an organisation my bank account details without personal contact with ANYONE from the company quite disturbing…You can’t blame people for being cautious when no personal contact is involved. The little amount of work they’re asking for is a sweet incentive,but there’s something suspicious about their standards and the broadness of material they’re asking for. Just my opinion.

    • It was with extreme reluctance that I published the previous comment from “Kate.”
      #1- Suite101 does NOT ask for your banking information. What is she talking about?
      #2- MBZ is not paid to promote Suite 101- that’s ridiculous
      #3- Most online writing sites don’t include personal contact. period.

      I suspect this comment is a fake,but most fake comments link to a spammy website (this does not)
      Also- the person reported their name to be Kate,but the email address listed was an entirely different name,with the .com at the end spelled .comm

      So I think it’s a fake comment,but I can’t be sure. I don’t want to censor an actual person with concerns,though. Even if they seem fake. As far as I know,S101 has never asked anyone for their bank account details. EVER. They pay via paypal,all they need is your email address.

  • KD

    well one thing i want to say that their acceptance and rejection procedure seems to be automated. i may be wrong and i am actually interested to write there and have applied twice( probably rejected because of lack of experience?) and they always replied at exactly around 6hours even when i submitted my application at odd hours in the night. it has been an automated reply and now i see here even there acceptance letter is automated,that’s odd. and while they instruct not to write in first person i find several featured articles written in first person,quite confusing i would say. don’t know what exactly they are up to.

    • Regarding the “first person”rule:From what I understand,the “no first person”rule was in place between mid 2007 and just a few months ago. Changes in upper management have taken the site through time periods where the “house style”and editorial standards have wavered. In a print magazine,such changes may seldom be noticed,but online,articles last forever and can really make the site look inconsistent. Watching the dates on the articles I’ve read on Suite101 has really revealed the roller-coaster they’ve been on. 12 years online and honestly,changes are to be expected.

  • Nomdepumber

    I found the overall gyst of Suite101 to be not my style. Their “no first person”rule made all their material look flat and brought no personality for the reader to cling to anymore than the articles one would pull out of Wikipedia. If that was the intention,then I would have suggested a better organizational pattern to cover more bases and get more search engine hits.

    Worse still is the philosophy that articles can be written up in an hour. Unless the person writing the article is genuinely proficient in the matter,a well-written article will take more than an hour based on finding research alone. If it took an hour to construct,then chances are the article was on disposable advice to begin with and is probably best left to gather dust in their servers.

    • mrshannigan

      I disagree- there can be style and personality without using 1st person,but it’s irrelevant because their rules have changed anyway. Wikipedia is set up like an encyclopedia,Suite had an entirely different style,so duplicating Wikipedia would have been lame. I don’t think Suite ever officially said that articles should be written in an hour,but that’s how long it took me (except in the beginning) and most other Suite writers allow an hour for gathering research,photos &putting it together. You’re right,that you should definitely be writing about things you’re well-versed in already,rather than entirely new topics.

      Good luck to you,I hope whichever route you chose led you to great success :) Suite isn’t going anywhere,they’ve been in business for over 12 years and their plan is flexible and allows for occasional downturns.

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