Free eBook Introduction to WebWriting

One of my favorite people in the webwriting business is Felicia from No Job for Mom. She has a professional yet friendly voice and shares her experiences so generously in her website. I love that she’s a mom who has made this business work and I’ve learned so much from her over the years.

She’s [...]

Free ebook

I have a free ebook for you. It’s about reaching your goals using the law of attraction. To be honest,I just skimmed it,it’s in my “things to read next time we’re on a road trip and I don’t have internet access”Anyhow- I’ve been bundling it for free with my “How to write [...]

Ebooks for Success

Send me some recommendations,please. I know Guy Lecke’s keywords cracker was very insightful. I’m sure you SEO wizards have all used the Google keyword tool to see how popular certain search terms are,but then there’s all that other info,like CPM and CPC,what’s up with that? Is it better to use the [...]