Work at Home Forums &WAHM Message Boards

Using WAHM websites and Work at Home message boards to network with other WAHMs

Networking on work at home forums is a great way to make friends with other moms who are working at home. You can find freelance writers,graphic designers and web designers to collaborate with,to help you with your projects and [...]

Twitter Funnies

Twitter has a feature that allows users to make favorites of tweets they like,I just don’t see the point,but I’ve been doing it anyways. Here are my favorite tweets,I chose original (non reply) tweets that stand alone and hold way more than 140 characters of meaning or humor.

revision:Hard to believe [...]

Be a Wahm

I just found the WAHM website,and I highly recommend their message boards. There are so many forums with information on companies that hire home workers. Women send announcements whenever their WAHM company is hiring,and let other moms know about it,so they can apply. It’s a fantastic resource,the women are very supportive [...]

Negativity in Social Networking

I’ve been twittering,and I recently started to “follow”a gal with an awesome website. Most of the people I follow share resources and other pertinent information via twitter. It’s been a lot of fun asking a question and getting instant responses from my mom-blogging colleagues. I expected,when I began to follow this girl,[...]

EntreCard Rates

Is it my imagination or did Entrecard totally change the way their Ad prices are determined. If I remember correctly,didn’t it used to be based upon hits or card drops? And now it’s based upon what- how many people are waiting to advertise on your site? Hmmm- Yeah- I just checked the campaigns page [...]

Scheduling for WAHMs

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Scheduling is so important when you have 6 kids and work from home. Here’s what I do that works:

Be flexiblesounds kind of contradictory to a schedule,but the best laid plans have to allow for interruptions and inspirations.

First things FirstI begin each day with work,usually [...]

Ebooks for Success

Send me some recommendations,please. I know Guy Lecke’s keywords cracker was very insightful. I’m sure you SEO wizards have all used the Google keyword tool to see how popular certain search terms are,but then there’s all that other info,like CPM and CPC,what’s up with that? Is it better to use the [...]