Pssst…. It's all about the money

I can’t say this where I WANT to say it,so I’ll say it here.

One of the sites I write for is a revenue-sharing site and I get a LOT of money there for very little effort.

Other writers,apparently not so much.

On the forums,they were discussing how much they got from [...]

Pay Yourself First

write for your own websites

I always get annoyed when I find myself devoting a lot of time writing for other people’s websites. The pay isn’t fantastic,but I research my keywords and make sure that the job is well done. I know that the people paying me will end up making more in [...]

Another place to get paid for quickies

Felicia wrote about Niner Niner a few weeks ago. Go take a peek,I’m not sure how they determine whether a 150 word post is a ten center or a fifty center. I would definitely never try making a living at that rate,but I’d definitely use it to create links to other work and [...]

Purpose of a Business Plan for Writers

The purpose of a business plan is to keep a company focused on its objectives and to provide a record of goals and show the plan for reaching them. A business plan shows investors and lenders that you’ve got your act together.

For a writer,going through the process of [...]

I'm writing for Examiner now

I just wanted to announce that I was recently made the Seattle Homeschooling Examiner. All the other writer-moms are doing it,right? I’ll admit,my first two articles aren’t brilliant,but why waste brilliance at the beginning,right? So now when all the other writer-moms are talking about their experiences and advice for The Examiner,[...]

Grammar Rules and Spelling Help for Freelance Writers

Free Online Resources to Help You be a Better Writer If you would like to brush up on your English and grammar skills,it’s never too late. I see a lot of women who want to be professional writers,but their blogs and personal emails are full of spelling and punctuation errors. I am guilty [...]