They keep sending me money every day

You know who I’m talking about,it’s this new Cloud Crowd thing on facebook that I have mentioned a few times already.

I have to clear up a few things

#1- the current job of editing poorly written Chinese Websites is just ONE contract. The makers of CloudCrowd envision having several contracts where workers can choose from tons of different jobs,in fact their website speaks both to workers and to people needing work.

From a letter they sent out:

Our goal is to allow a motivated Worker to work around the clock,choosing at any given moment from a rich range of Projects.

So,even if the idea of editing poorly written Chinese websites doesn’t appeal to you,you can still sign up and you can be sure that I will send out an update here when they get more contracts.

They’ve only been around for 2 weeks and I am sure that they under-estimated how much attention they’d be getting. I only really got a chance to work there for a few hours the other day but I have gotten a paypal deposit every single day since then. The smallest one was like 18 cents,up to $2.  So go ahead- sign up and if there’s no work right now just stay tuned. They won’t send out a big note to alert everyone,but I will. Just subscribe to this site or follow me on twitter and I will let you know when I see more work released. The “hot tip”for now is to catch them early,because when the day’s budgeted work is finished,then there are “no tasks available”in all sections.

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